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Times Online reported:

Intelligence analysts concluded at last week’s meeting that there were no negotiating carrots or sticks, such as sanctions, capable of persuading Iran to halt its pursuit of nuclear know-how — which it maintains is for peaceful energy purposes.

“The sobering view is that even if there is a deal, the Iranians would cheat,” another source said.

Why on earth would Iran make any kind of "deal" when a main point of the article states essentially that we have no position for any negotiations on the matter short of Israel ultimately dealing with the problem?

I thought Rick's blog was well written, but I want to know how Pakistan and India figure into all of this. From Iran's point of view, they are surrounded on practically all sides by "opposing" forces with nuclear capability, whether it be us in Iraq, or any of the other "sovereign" nuke-equipped nations with close ties to us in the region. Faced with these realities and the constant drumbeat of "evil Iran must be dealt with" from the West, I can understand why the Iranians feel left out.

Personally, I long for the days of the "Speak softly and carry a big stick" approach to diplomacy. From reading Israeli newspapers during the Lebanese War, it became clear that many Israelis felt that the common wisdom of the IDF's steadfast infalibilty were severely compromised in the wake of sustained rocket retaliation's from Hezbollah. I fear that our sustained casualty rate in Iraq could prove to be a similar message about our own armed forces to our enemies.

When did using a crane to crush a fly become a logical argument, anyway?

Comment Posted By Nexus On 3.10.2006 @ 17:28


Rick wrote:

"The semi-fictitious Path to 9/11, which has set off this debate, has people questioning the dominant lefty Narrative about 9/11 for the first time."

Please explain this "dominant lefty Narrative" about 9/11 you mention. It seems to me that the right has always held all the cards pertaining to 9/11 and the GWOT which resulted from it.

Comment Posted By Nexus On 3.10.2006 @ 20:04



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