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Chuck Tucson writes: "What you call identity stealing, social security fraud committing illegal aliens, I call people taking their lives into their own hands and doing everything they can to find and build a better life for themselves and their families. When you get right down to it, that’s the epitome of what it means to be American."

In a word, wow. So let me get this straight, ol' Tucson Chuck, breaking numerous laws is ok as long as you are doing it "to put food on the table" as the cliche' goes? So by your iron-clad reasoning Tucson Chuck, everyone in the world has a God-given right to "migrate" to the United States, since we're "all immigrants" and "we're a nation of immigrants". Unfortunately for you, both of those cliche's are incorrect.

Your beloved illegal aliens are CITIZENS OF OTHER NATIONS, duh. It's not our responsibility to provide them a job, healthcare in the ER and schooling for their children. If we do not CONSERVE our nation, with it's laws and borders, we will not HAVE A NATION. Then we will become simply a PLACE FOR FOREIGNERS TO COME AND WORK. Geez, are many people foolish.

Comment Posted By Nessus On 23.03.2009 @ 15:55

I tend to agree wtih Breitbart. We are wimpy nowadays.
We are a country can't build much of anything anymore. Instead, we litigate and use endless marketing 24/7.
Men have become feminized.

Consider: We can't even agree to all speak one, common language, not even in public schools for fear of upsetting the "newcomers" from south of the border, who are to a very large extent, identity stealing, social security fraud commiting illegal aliens. We are afraid to enforce our own laws for fear of being called "bigot", "racist", etc.

Consider: We were attacked by fundamentalist muslims on 9/11 and since then, muslim immigration into the USA has been increased? Does this make sense? Islam is not only a religion but a political ideology as well and one very strong and antithetical to the Western and US tradition.

Instead we use "wussy words" like "terrorists", "extremists", etc. We pretend there are just a few Islamic crackpots, when in fact, 9/11 represented a strategic, military attack.

Comment Posted By Nessus On 23.03.2009 @ 13:09


The Fresh Prince of Hot Air, at his core, is an anti-business, anti-free enterprise, BIG GOVERNMENT loving race baiter, nothing more, albeit with a smoother voice and delivery than Sharpton and Jackson.

Anyone who drones on and on about how "unfair" American free enterprise system is, is a whiner and a loser and a nutjob.

Hopey McChange is all about shifting wealth from those who have some to those who have little or none - i.e., his constituency.

The only question left is, how can we the people get rid of the Kenyan Marxist in the White House?

Comment Posted By Nessus On 22.03.2009 @ 13:51


I am tending to think more and more that The Fresh Prince of Hot Air is a schnook and his college professor's dreams of "social justice" and the like are gonna fall "kerplunk" to the ground.

He has virtually no experience. He does hold Marxist tendencies, due to his background growing up in and around radicals of the left. We can tell this from his rhetoric. He uses quite a few Marxist terms, phrases and ideas when he speaks. He is simply a good speaker (with a teleprompter; without it, he is quite clearly a professional BS'er / lawyer who thinks he can talk his way out of anything). At his core, Barry & Michelle are America-hating, race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, only smoother and more articulate.

"Barry's Revolution" will peter out soon, especially in November of 2010.

Comment Posted By Nessus On 14.03.2009 @ 13:27


America and Americans were changing and longing for change? Well actually, thanks to unrestricted, mass immigration both legal and illegal, the US has changed into a more "minority" driven (soon to be majority), ethnic, "community organizing" street mentality, ala, Banana Republics south of the border (border? what border?).

As someone at The Corner said last week, if the population demographics were the same today as they were in 1988, McLame would have defeated Barry Dunham quite easily. Hmm, gee I wonder if Barry and the Dems have any intention of slowing down the human freeway at our southern border? Nah, that wouldn't be nice and in keeping with Barry's favorite theme - "social justice".

Bottom line: non-caucasian immigrants vote liberal-democrat in large percentages. The era of the USA as a constitutional republic is just about over. A simple majority rule, social democracy is our future, accent on the "socialist" with our God-like Redistributer in Chief now in charge. Majority rule with fixed and crooked voter registration and voting. If anyone protests, call them racist and not willing to go along with "unity" (shades of Chairman Mao).

Comment Posted By nessus On 15.01.2009 @ 13:03


I guess we are all children these days, with the memories of children (or lack thereof). Economies boom and bust, boom and bust. Gee, this is so hard to understand.....That's why it's wise not to over-extend oneself. Wise to save money.

There is such a thing as a business cycle. It goes up and it goes down. Doesn't matter which suit occupies the White House. Government can do a little but not much when it comes to "stimulating" the economy.

Want to help stimulate the economy? Cut taxes drastically, across the board for firms and people. Make our country more inviting for businesses to start and to expand. Rocket science, huh?

Of course, spending must be cut drastically too. Start with the Dept. of Education and Dept. of Commerce. Now Barney F*g, Nancy Botox and Chucky Schumer want to become automotive engineers. What a joke.

Government is nothing more than a middle man who takes money from productive people, launders it and passes it out to it's favorite constituents in exchange for promised votes.

Government is lawyers, therefore the size of government will never to reduced. Government is the problem.

Comment Posted By Nessus On 8.12.2008 @ 18:02

I for one, am sick and tired of government. Just sick of it. I can hurl when I listen to Barry Dunham, hem and haw, trying to sound like he knows what he's talking about, especially when it comes to auto manufacturers.

Barry-boy, Botox Pelosi, Botox Biden, Chinless Harry Reid, Chrissy "the crook" Dodd, Teddy "the swimmer" Kennedy, Chucky "ambulance chaser" Schumer - these lawyers with little knowledge about anything, little skill other than pontificating are going to plan our lives for us.

Government IS THE PROBLEM. Get off the government nipple. Live your own life.

Comment Posted By Nessus On 8.12.2008 @ 16:27


Exactly as Dennis D said.....the media always, repeat, always, exaggerates downturns when a repub is in the White House and once a dem gets elected......magically, things are quite as bad as predicted and things get better.

Anyone who still thinks a president has much sway over the economy should ask themselves, if presidents did influence the economy greatly, then why we would ever have a downturn, much less in an election year?

The Messiah with a Thin Resume will solve our problems. Only Barry The Redeemer can save us.

Comment Posted By Nessus On 23.11.2008 @ 15:01


They're all elites, especially Jorge Bush and Juan McAmnesty...

Look at how Jorge, has refused to stop the invasion from the southern border for seven years now, even though a clear majority (and a large one at that) of Americans want the invasion stopped. Why hasn't he? Because for one thing business wants the continued "slave labor" and secondly, he and other elites want to move us to a sort of "North American Union" which will exist in reality but not likely in name. Don't believe me? Just examine where many products are now made. If not in China, there's a good chance they're made in Mexico. Toothpaste, candy, tools, etc. made by the cheap labor of Mexico.

The NAU is coming about - the GOP denyers are being made to look like the fools they are: Miquel Medved, Carlos Rove and the like.

OH MY GOD! THE MEXICANS ARE COMING! THE MEXICANS ARE COMING! Lock up your wives and daughters! Hide the good silverware!

You are an hysterical dolt.


Comment Posted By Nessus On 12.04.2008 @ 13:01


It's only smart to be anti-Islam....Islam is anti-West and anti-American. Mooslims should be banned from immigrating into the West and the USA. It will come back to haunt us.

Islam is very much a political ideology and an enemy ideology to boot. But to Jorge Bush, he never met an immigrant (legal but especially illegal), he didn't love.

"There shall be open borders for all!"

Comment Posted By Nessus On 1.03.2008 @ 15:58


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