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You seem to be hung up on the media, Hawk. The real problem here is the civilian leadership of this country who committed our forces to a war that we probably shouldn't have involved ourselves in, and then did a miserable job fighting it. George W. Bush is about to become only the 2nd president in U.S. history to lose a war. The difference being that, unlike Nixon, he actually started his.

That Bush's political support for this war is vanishing domestically is hardly the media's fault, either. Rising casualty rates coupled with the enormous expense is problem enough. But couple that with the growing perception that Bush is little more than a callow liar that pulled all kinds of dishonest shenanigans to get us involved in this wretched miasma can't be helping much either.

Anyway, my advice is to get all this denial behind you and face the facts. Bush has lost this war, and the fault is his alone. Stop blaming the messenger.

Comment Posted By Ned Tanner On 16.06.2005 @ 20:03



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