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I'd raise my eyebrows more about the plane dumping today if McCain's campaign hadn't already done that with Dowd and Klein. Both are fairly foolish moves.

There's a reason I've never joined a political party. I am not interested in the assumption of power qua power, and distrust its pursuit implicitly. But neither do I believe in the worst of all possible worlds in all cases, at all times, inasmuch as I don't believe in neverending utopias. With that in mind, roll on Tuesday.

There is no comparison what so ever - none.

Dowd and Klein are columnists. McCain didn't kick Time Mag or the NY Times off his plane.

Obama did. Huge, huge difference.


Comment Posted By Ned R. On 31.10.2008 @ 12:21


I'm intrigued by this, Rick -- you've reacted sharply to some of the fiercer comments above, and it's easily understood why, though my own views on Ms. Malkin's style and approach are very far from yours. But comments 34 and 39 struck me as being interesting examples of objections to said style etc. from a conservative approach arguing for larger goals over individual commentators. Given that both tend to revolve around personal reactions to her approach, and without knowing if both posters have had a regular comment history here which may mean you don't wish to respond for good reason, maybe there isn't much to be said in response -- individual responses will always differ -- but surely it is important to acknowledge objections from within. (Unless you are Jim from Oh Said, it seems.)

Comment Posted By Ned R. On 8.09.2007 @ 01:55



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