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Excuse me, but what color is the sky where you live?

Not to be to disrespectful, but the politicization that you speak of began some time ago. No, not under Clinton. Further back then that.

This has been going on since the Washington administration to one extent or another. Take a look at the Grant, Roosevelt, (Both of them), Harding, et al. administrations. They all indulged in it.

IMHO, you may want to do a tad more research.

I contracted BDS about a month ago and have stopped supporting the moron in the White House, at least domestically. :)

Comment Posted By Ned B On 11.07.2007 @ 07:44


My wife is a recent immigrant from China. Her primary circle of friends are also Chinese. I have seen that she does have a tendency to "hunker down" a bit, but she is also very militant about learning English and becoming an American.

I meet with her friends on occasion but there is a bit of a language gap. My Mandarin Chinese is virtually nonexistent. I still try and speak with her friends and on occasion help them out as needed.

The one thing I have noticed, every single one of them is working hard to assimilate as best as they can. Not one of them cares about "diversity" and I doubt most of them even understand the concept they way we think of it these days. Every one of them wants top be a good citizen. More power to them and I'll do what I can to help. :)

Comment Posted By Ned B On 27.06.2007 @ 09:40



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