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How many in the USA know the names John Basilone, Don Gentile, Joe Foss, Richard Bong, Audie Murphy, Gregory Boyington, or David McCampbell (just to name a few)?

All of them were household names during World War II; most of them were recipients of the Medal of Honor. Newspapers of the day carried stories of their heroism as we waged a global war against tyranny and evil.

Where are the stories of such men in our current conflict against tyranny and evil? How many names of MOH recipients from Iraq or Afghanistan are featured in the newspapers, the networks, even Fox? The mainstream outlets cannot bring themselves to refer to our enemy as "terrorist", let alone "evil", for fear it will affect their "neutrality".

It is dispicable that the sacrifices of such men as Michael Monsoor are relegated to "non-news" by the MSM. Our nation is surely the poorer for this absence, and the negligence of the media in this regard is to their eternal shame.

Godspeed, Michael, and Well Done!

Comment Posted By Navyvet On 15.10.2006 @ 20:31



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