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Well written! I, too, am no expert on the Caucasus, so I won't try to match wits with anyone there, but I have been wondering where the UN is in this thing. I see this as another opportunity for someone to prove how meaningless the UN is in 2008. I am certain that Putin is lying awake in a hotel room in Beijing right now worrying about how the UN is going to respond!

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See, here is where you liberals are "smarter" than us conservatives...

No one is perfect; we all make mistakes... I think we can agree on that, right? Well, when you are not guided by any type of principles, only the latest polling data or the ethics of the particular situation, you never have to be wrong. If I never say that, for instance, abortion is wrong, then I can always say, if it is politically expedient, that a particular type of abortion was OK. If I never say that raising taxes is bad for the economy, then I can raise taxes, if it gets me votes, and still be OK. Thus, liberals can never be questioned, because they don't create a standard to be compared to. On the other hand, conservatives are not afraid to state their beliefs, their principles, and, then, as a consequence their shortcomings are easily visible. In other words, if you never agree that 2+2=4, then you can never get that problem wrong on the test...

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I'll bite...

Are you better off than you were 7+ years ago?

Yes, thanks to a much lower tax burden

Gas prices got you down?

No; I mean I wish it was free, but...

Is your house payment current?

Yes, because I am smart enough to take out a loan I can afford.

How about your job opportunities?

I am not looking for another job, but it doesn't seem like I would have trouble finding one if I was.

Are your kids going to be able to go to college?

Yes, in fact, I have saved enough money for tuition already, and I am working on saving for other expenses.

How’s that illegal invasion and occupation going in Iraq?

It wasn't illegal and its not an occupation, but the situation is improving. Mistakes have been made, but a dictator is no longer in power and free elections have been held.

How about Afghanistan? Were they good decisions?

Has the country been hit with another terrorist attack? Therein, you will find your answer...

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Been lurking a while, but this is my first post. You have even inspired me to start my own blog.

I am not a McCain fan by any stretch, but, as Michael B. said, he is my dog in this dog fight. You stated:

"The major differerence between them is in the core of the two candidates; one, rock solid while the other is molten – still forming under pressure and not yet completed."

Isn't this the difference in all liberals and true conservatives? Conservatives-at-heart, which John McCain is, are guided by principals that never waver; they are rock solid at the core. Our current President has taken a great deal of heat for that over the past several years, but he still doesn't waver. Liberals, on the other hand, only waver. There is no black and white, right and wrong, go or no-go; it all depends on the situation, the audience, or the latest poll data. Because John McCain, although far from perfect is, at heart, a man of principal, and Barack Obama, quite simply, is not!

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