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Well, I also don't see why a rural voter (or one from Wyoming) should count more than I do when it comes to choosing the president. Further, there are actually three states in which the EC votes are not distributed as "winner takes all,"-- and they are rather small states. But to say that democracy is best served by having presidents elected by states (as units), not individual voters is indeed a strange bit of reasoning. Furthrermore, it is certainly not unusual for candidates to be picked based upon the state that they are from under the Electoral College: in the late 19th century, the popular saying regarding presidential candidates was: "Some are born great; others are born in Ohio."

And finally, having grown up in Oklahoma, I can tell you that there are PLENTY of states who are completely ignored by the candidates now-- the Electoral College certainly makes no difference.

Comment Posted By Ms. Cornelius On 1.09.2006 @ 17:30



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