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Claims that Govt action were needed to save off ‘crushing depression’ were fearmongering claims designed to scare people like you into accepting unacceptable govt action. I am sorry you were bamboozled. I was for a time too. We were told in October the TARP was needed to save the stock market and fend off a recession. What woke me up was the fall in the stock market after the passage of TARP, then the change of plans, then the rocking of the market every time Paulson or Obama flapped their gums. We have a much lower stock market and recession to boot, anyway. The fact is that most of this deficit has nothing to do with AIG and more to do with generally out-of-control spending.

Sorry, but this is just hogwash and right wing talking points. You don't know what your talking about. I was flat out against TARP at first, but have taken the time to learn more about what is going on. You should do the same.

If AIG had failed, we would have had a national and worldwide catastrophe. Millions of Americans would have lost their retirement and savings that were wrapped up in the CDS's that were gambled on and insured by AIG and others.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 23:16

You can co-blame Bush, but you cant say Democrats ‘inherited’ something *they* created as well … Reality check: It’s a Bush/Pelosi/Reid/Obama creation.


All in all, the Democrat-Obama budget plans are adding massively to US debt while doing nothing to help the economy. On the contrary, they are hurting the economy and are making us poorer in the short and long run.

A little early to declare failure, I think. And the economy is doing better, by still breathing if nothing else. Republicans have by and large had their way on economic matters for the past 14 years and really since 1980. Their policies have led us to this point and it is way too soon to know if Obama and dems will fix the mess you folks left behind. Banks are now turning a profit and the stock market has made an historic rally. Even some of the TARP is being paid off. It will largely depend on just how worthless, or not, the alleged toxic assets are within the credit default swaps.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 23:11

The Pelosi/Reid Democratic Majority Congress and Obama created this years deficit and are 100% behind everything in the budget that they wrote and they support. They ‘inherited’ nothing but their own creation.

You can parse all day who is more responsible for spending, the president or congress. The 800 billion Of TARP was proposed by Bush with the caveat that if you don't pass this by tomorrow, the economy will die. It wasn't a dem idea and they like the rest of us didn't even know things were that bad. So yea, I lay that 800 bill on Bush along with the already circa 500 bill deficit = 1.3 Trillion. And I also agree that has likely save us from a crushing depression. You don't agree, so be it.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 22:13

He pulls a PR stunt of gathering the cabinet together - for the first time, mind you - and then expects people to be impressed by it?

Of course it's a stunt. I didn't even address it in my comment. It is a stunt that worked, baiting you wingnuts into mouth breathing outrage over nothing. Doesn't the faux outrage all day every day get tiresome. I Know it does listening to it. And of course it is about Bush in the sense of the right cheerleading his crap for six to 8 years until the public turned on him and you, and now you never heard of the guy and your all principled conservatives again, overnight. Calling out hypocracy is always a valid debating point, when it applies.

And saying "fairly thrifty" was my snarkish baiting of you, and it worked. Nobody is comfortable with the deficit size, but is arguably necessary, considering what would happen if say AIG failed, or any of the big banks. And the rest is an investment gamble for the long haul as I said. It should have been funded all along in smaller bits, but the right has been fighting tooth and nail to keep us stuck in the past.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 21:04

Talking trillions and cutting billions would at least be in the ballpark. But saving $100 million dollars out of a budget of $3.6 trillion is a slap in the face to the taxpayer - a cynical public relations blitz.

When you consider he was left with a 1.3 trillion deficit for 09 from Bush. Plus a dead economy with a drastic drop of spending for a consumer economy, and Banks with Credit Default Swaps loaded with toxic assets threatening to destroy the world economy, I think he has been fairly thrifty. The TARP money is starting to paid back, and banks are showing some life.

I think what right wingers are mad about is the lions share of the stimulus going to research for future industries with new money for new markets and a new economy down the road that might just save our bacon for the long haul. Such gestures of substance make the old money blue bloods nervous, which makes their GOP servants nervous.

Holy Christ! Are you listening to yourself? "Fairly thrifty?" Your idea of "thrift" is appalling. $100 million is less than nothing, it is worse than nothing. It is a joke. And what makes it worse is that Obama's people are hyping this as "action" on the deficit!

A trillion is one thousand billions. That's 1,750 billion for the deficit. You see nothing amusing or heartbreaking that our president feels he is "taking action" on cutting the deficit by slashing such a teeny tiny portion of that?

He pulls a PR stunt of gathering the cabinet together - for the first time, mind you - and then expects people to be impressed by it?

And what does Bush have to do with anything? This is Obama making a fool of himself, not Bush. The only people who are defending this are Obamabots like you who are so blinded with partisan hackery that you can't see when your man goofs. Or maybe he's thinking there are enough fools out there who will think this a great step forward in deficit reduction.


Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 14:49



I didn't see any of the things you were alleging for Nicaragua and Venezuela from the link you provided.

As for Bolivia, they are in the middle of civil strife over a new Constitution largely between the indigenous Morales government an the old guard opposition. The violence is primarily instigated by opposition to the new Constitution which does allow for nationalizing the mineral resources and free health care for all. I know that offends your right wing sensibilities, though it doesn't mine.

As for your allegations of election fraud here is what you said.

While Ortega and Chavez won quasi-democratic elections, they employed old school Marxist techniques to help achieve their victories. To an extent, the same applies to Morales in Bolivia. All of which is to say these leaders squelched as much speech as possible, threatened opposition leaders and parties, and possibly worse since people simply disppeared in some cases. I didn’t read anywhere that there was massive voter fraud but I might have missed it, hence, the “quasi-.”

Lost in translation is the fact I consider so called Marxist Techniques a form of "election fraud". And I still did not see any evidence of "Marxist Techniques" for this at AI for Nicaragua and Venezuela, except maybe from Bush's embassy in those countries with no evidence to support it. And Bolivia is in the middle of a quasi civil war with all sorts of shenanigins from both sides.

If I missed at AI what you were alleging, please let me know and where it is.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 21.04.2009 @ 16:44


You built a number of strawmen in your comment. And the "largely bloodless revolution" was taken from Rick's words, if you had bothered to read the thread post. And I never said America didn't help promote and establish democracy in SA, though that doesn't come near making amends for our mischief there over the centuries. i was saying that focusing on these leaders, it should be prominent that they were elected leaders, and not dictators, as such.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 23:44

And I never said that Ortega and Chavez are (not) asswipes personally.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 16:26

jackson1234 Said:
1:55 pm

Be sure to check out what his notorious right-wing cabal has to say about Nicarauga and Bolivia, in particular

Do you mean this?

Nicaragua signed the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture in March.

No, I bet this Obamanation is what has your knickers in a twist.

The National Assembly approved a new Criminal Code which omitted an article criminalizing gay and lesbian relationships which had been present in the previous criminal code.

That awful Ortega is a queer lover. I see why you hate him.


This atrocity from Chavez should make you wingnuts seeth in defiance.

Violence against women

A new law on the right of women to live free from violence came into force in March. Although women victims of violence are guaranteed greater protection under the new legislation, a fully resourced plan of action to implement the law had not yet been developed by the end of the year.

As for Bolivia, it is the poorest country on earth with some of the most valuable minerals on said earth. The majority indian population has been under the heel of US supported Oligarchs like no other, and tens of thousands have died in their mines and by political oppression.

And none of this answers my challenge to you to provide evidence of election fraud, by violence or otherwise.

And I never said that Ortega and Chavez are asswipes personally. Read my earlier comment on this.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 16:00

or left-wing ninnies who did the same.

These are the hardest for me to deal with. And there seems to be at least as many as on the right. And I agree that he is doing precisely what he said he would do as a candidate. People can love or hate him, and/or his policies, but his fealty to promises made, THUS FAR, is straight up and solid. Regardless of the hysterics right and left.

Comment Posted By Mr. Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 11:30

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