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My response was up above. Apparently you can't comprehend it.

Comment Posted By Moshe ben David On 9.03.2009 @ 03:55

You know what?

I'm human. So I had to re-read Michael's post again and catch the problem.

Just Damn. No, Hell No, A thousand times, freaking, NO! This is not a result of conservatism. THAT's the problem.

You cannot name for me a single thing that has come out of Washington DC since the Reagan Administraion that even remotely is conservative. Point to a law or a policy. Name it.

At the risk of offending some people, I include the "War on Terror" because terror is merely a cowardly tactic. We SHOULD be at war with Islamic Jihad or Wahabism and all it's adherent's.

But back to conservatism.

First, I want you to define it. What exactly is conservatism in your mind?

And to help you out, I consider Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell to be conservative thinkers. Where do they go wrong? How about you cite a quote from each one and tell us all how their thinking is flawed.

Comment Posted By Moshe ben David On 8.03.2009 @ 15:06

Okay then, Michael,

Explicitly name for me the conservative policies that were enacted or enforced since 2000 that brought about the conditions we see today?

I want specifics. Name the bill or law. How it was enforced. Can you demonstrate how it affected the economy?

Comment Posted By Moshe ben David On 8.03.2009 @ 14:45

Re: Michael Reynolds post #10

Most Trolls are not worth responding to, but for the benefit of "moderates" or undecided folk reading here, let's clear up some stuff.

Real conservatism doesn't deserve any blame for where this country is now. To quote Jay Leno when commenting on how long it was taking to create a new constitution in Iraq: "Why don't we just give them ours, we're not using it."

You see, Republican does not equal Conservative. That's why I didn't vote for G.W. Bush in 2000. Nor John McCain in 2008. Neither man is a conservative. You can't be a conservative and sign McCain-Feingold assault on the 1st Amendment. Or champion the prescription drug bill for seniors, or let Teddy Kennedy write an Education bill, when the entire Department of Education needs to be eliminated. You don't just stand by and let Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and ACORN create and defend the whole Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac mess. A true conservative knows that Sarbanes-Oxley is knee-jerk, feel-good response to Enron that helped push the already bad home mortgage crises over the edge. The whole mess was nothing but over-regulatory, anti-free market government meddling. Not a single conservative thing about any of it. Republican? Sure. Conservative? Not a chance.

Conservatism hasn't been seen or heard from on Capitol Hill for many, many years, and THAT is what has gotten us to the condition we are in today.

After 1994, the Republicans only got off to a fair start, but within a couple of years they began to morph into Democrat light. Too easy to be seduced by the lobby money and the power, and not wanting to be hated by the Lamestream media.

I personally would feel that I had become one of the greatest people in history if I could simply win the coveted title of "Worst Person in the World" by Keith Olberman. And I can be certain that a person is an absolute moral degenerate if he's been given the Nobel Peace Prize.

So, was a Republican controlled White House and Congress complicit in getting us into the current situation? Absolutely. But Conservatism wasn't even within 100 miles of the shore of what is called the United States.

Comment Posted By Moshe ben David On 8.03.2009 @ 06:02



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