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"Got it all figured out, huh? Good for you. And don’t let all those people laughing at you get you down. I admire someone who is oblivious to how full of shit they are."
"And btw, the next time you email my boss about why he should fire me - something we both got a good laugh about - I will make it a point to find your real name (coward) and place of employment and see how your boss feels about you playing on the internet when you’re supposed to be at work."

Sounds like a an Obama Chicago thug instead of that thoughtful,intellectual you want us to believe you are.Your true colors are beginning to show.
Does your boss know you are responding on your private website during your working hours?

Are you threatening me?

A threat to expose you? You betchya. That's the only way to deal with cowardly mountebanks like you.

And which boss are you talking about? You don't have a clue what my working arrangements are.


Comment Posted By MooseH On 23.11.2009 @ 14:38

"Those so certain of the moral ground beneath their feet are oblivious to the fact that they are really standing in quicksand. And their arrogant certainty about right and wrong is exposed as the sophistry it truly is."

How true, see

Oh wait,wrong party.
RM you are a fool.

Got it all figured out, huh? Good for you. And don't let all those people laughing at you get you down. I admire someone who is oblivious to how full of shit they are.

And btw, the next time you email my boss about why he should fire me - something we both got a good laugh about - I will make it a point to find your real name (coward) and place of employment and see how your boss feels about you playing on the internet when you're supposed to be at work.


Comment Posted By MooseH On 23.11.2009 @ 14:02


"I write what I write because I feel like writing it. My opinions are my own and not disseminated to curry favor with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Disagreeing with conservatives, making a case for a more thoughtful approach to the issues, taking those conservatives to task who deserve it in my opinion - if I were doing this to win friends and advance my career, I am doing a piss poor job of it."

Sounds like an idealogue to me with no aim in furthering the chances of the Republican party.Put your money where your mouth is - quit your job as an editor at the American Thinker - a solid conservative company whose ideas are diametrically opposite yours.

"I am ensconced in this internet backwater where those precious few readers who discern a morsel or two of common sense from my writings come to visit."

Stupid they are liberal trolls with a bad case of BDS who have no other aim than to take down Republicans and maintain power.

My, my Palin and Moran think bowing is a bad policy.

As I have asked many times, what are the specifics of that burr up your rear end. I suspect it is driven by the fear of Christianity but am not sure.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 21.11.2009 @ 09:04


I was not implying that fear was essential to survival,so your response was off topic. You have a habit of accusing people of what you do.
The person you were responding to said it is better to be feared and respected than liked because you came up with a statistic that said we have zoomed into first place of all countries being admired since Obama came into office.In your response to him you stated that 3 countries that were feared were deceased and 3 countries that were liked have survived, implying that being liked or admired is crucial to surviving - pure nonsense.
The Russians did have a major roll in defeating the Germans helped immensely by our supplying them with reliable trucks. Europe cooperated in NATO not because they "liked" or "admired" us but because they feared Russia.We formed an alliance with Turkey during the cold war not because we "liked" or "admired" the Turks but because we could keep close surveillence of the Russians with our bases in Turkey.Throughout the ages, countries formed alliances not because of admiration but because of mutual benefit to their existence.

You sound like a teenager when you say Communism is a "stupid" system.It doesn't convey any information and is misused, people are stupid-like you, not systems.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 16.11.2009 @ 16:42

Those three countries that were feared were destroyed by America's military and financial superiority, not because of like or dislike.Denmark was not the reason we won.So M.R. stop your pontificating about nostrum etc.
This whole discussion about Obama bowing is silly as well as the subject of being liked.Being trusted is important but that is not the same as being liked.Foreigners and countries were buying our bonds and many people (including Canadians) came to America for first rate health care during the Bush years.Do you really think that someone living in a foreign country that has to have a serious operation, but has to wait too long to have it done in his country ,and can have it done in time in America is going to say, no i will not have it done in America and put his life in peril because he hates Bush.
:-)You liberal trolls are mental midgets.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 16.11.2009 @ 12:47


How about BDS rhetoric.
"Bush lied so that soldiers died"
"Cheney is a torturer"
Do you think that this is ignorant?
I agree- It needs to fall into disfavor IMO.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 12.11.2009 @ 12:57

Well R.M. your liberal friends at this site are beckoning you to join their party. They are really not interested in your trolling into the the abyss of shades of grey.Remember they are the originators of BDS - no shades of gray there.The time of your contemplating your navel is drawing to an end.You have been asked many times to be specific in policies but you never respond.So man up.Republican or Democrat? Don't be afraid.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 11.11.2009 @ 08:21

"Judging by the comments I received on the article on this site as well as the emails and comments I got from PJ Media, it is apparent that I am tilting at windmills. My only hope is to give encouragement to those who read this site and who believe that logic and reason as a basis for political action, rather than ignorance and fear, is an absolute necessity if there is any hope that the US will survive the next couple of decades with anything close to the economy we have today."
So anyone who does not agree with you is illogical and unreasonable, and this country will go to hell if you are not listened to. My,my what arrogance and what exclusiveness. How ironic , you wail about people being too rigid in their thinking, and your the biggest violator of of your dogma.
Stop badmouthing Republicans, it is too common here and disturbing.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 10.11.2009 @ 15:58


A fatal flaw

"A key feature of the House and Senate health bills would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone with preexisting conditions. The new coverage would start immediately, and the premium could not reflect the individual's health condition.

This well-intentioned feature would provide a strong incentive for someone who is healthy to drop his or her health insurance, saving the substantial premium costs. After all, if serious illness hit this person or a family member, he could immediately obtain coverage. As healthy individuals decline coverage in this way, insurance companies would come to have a sicker population. The higher cost of insuring that group would force insurers to raise their premiums. (Separate accident policies might develop to deal with the risk of high-cost care after accidents when there is insufficient time to buy insurance.)

In an attempt to prevent this, the draft legislation provides penalties for individuals who choose not to buy insurance and for employers that do not offer health insurance. But the levels of these fines are generally too low to cause a rational individual to insure.

Consider: 27 million people are covered by health insurance purchased directly, i.e. outside employer-based plans. The average cost of an insurance policy with family coverage in 2009 is $13,375. A married couple with a median family income of $75,000 who choose not to insure would be subject to a fine of 2.5 percent of that $75,000, or $1,875. So the family would save a net $11,500 by not insuring. If a serious illness occurs--a chronic condition or a condition that requires surgery--they could then buy insurance. Since fewer than one family in four has annual health-care costs that exceed $10,000, the decision to drop coverage looks like a good bet. For a lower-income family, the fine is smaller, and the incentive to be uninsured is even greater.

The story is similar for single people. The average cost of an individual policy is $4,800. An individual with earnings of $50,000 would face a fine of $1,250 and would therefore save $3,550 by not insuring.

In short, for those who are now privately insured through employers or by direct purchase, there would be substantial incentives to become uninsured until they become sick. The resulting rise in the cost to insurance companies as the insured population becomes sicker would raise the average premium, strengthening that incentive.

MP: What would make this choice to drop insurance and pay the penalty even more rational is the convenient, low-cost availability of basic health care from 1,200 retail clinics around the country, or through pre-paid plans like the No Insurance Club, or concierge medicine."

This what happens when nobody reads the bill and it is rammed home by our liberal establishment.
A sad day indeed.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 8.11.2009 @ 15:17


"I’ve posted repeated on this site stating my opposition to it (same sex marriage)."

Then go over to the liberal websites and convince them of your view and stop selling your BDS bs here.Afraid?
Sounds as if you liberals are a fractured group and yours is the party that is in trouble (well educated CT gold coast went Republican). Amazing what less than a year brings.

Comment Posted By MooseH On 5.11.2009 @ 13:59

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