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Rick calls me an "ignoramus":

"$48 million ISN’t a pittance? Omigod what an ignoramus."


It's "Oh my God" Rick, not "Omigod"..

You write like a seventeen year old girl sometimes Rick, with the juvenile name calling, cutesy word jumbles, and inappropriate capitalization..

We all know how seventeen year old girls feel a need to lash out when confronted with their inability to admit that they're wrong about anything, but I expected you to at least address my question to you instead of just focusing on my pithy comment at the end of my post..

The fact remains that you were wrong (again) in stating that chairing a Security Council meeting on the subject of nuclear non-proliferation constitutes Obama's "only exertion toward that goal."

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 10.10.2009 @ 02:20

Rick says:

"And what about the committee attaching “special importance” to President Obama’s “vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons?”"

"And President Obama is recognized for his johnny come lately efforts - or I should make that “effort” since his one day dog and pony show as chairing a Security Council meeting on the subject constitutes his only exertion toward that goal."

What about the Lugar-Obama nonproliferation initiative Rick??

$48 million bucks to be used to destroy conventional weapons stockpiles, intercept weapons of mass destruction and respond to proliferation emergencies..

Oh right...I forgot...anything less than a trillion is considered a "pittance" by you..

$48 million ISN't a pittance? Omigod what an ignoramus.


Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 9.10.2009 @ 13:39


Mannning says:

"To attempt to make my statements entirely emotionally driven is rather shoddy work, and unworthy of a thinking person. I used an emotional circumstance to illustrate one of the horrors of the diabolical government approach."

A thinking person may note that your use of the words "the horrors of the diabolical government approach" is pure emotionalism..

Then Mannning says:

"I do not want the government anywhere near me when I am approaching death, unless it is to provide me with no-strings cash gifts."

Damn...I thought you were a conservative Mannning...turns out you're just another one of those "gimme something for nothing" liberals..

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 8.10.2009 @ 04:28

Rick says:

"If you can’t tell the difference between “the government” and an “insurance company” then there is no use trying to discuss anything rationally with any of you."

Insurance company: Motivated only by profit, and responsible to stockholders, not the welfare of the public.

Government: Not for profit, and responsible for the welfare of the public.

Can YOU tell the difference Rick?

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 7.10.2009 @ 08:27

"For health care, as long as Democrats insist on offering a “solution” that will ultimately result in a single payer system of insurance and decisions made by government that are better left to a patient and his doctor, conservatives will oppose them with every fiber of their being."

This is the main flaw in conservative thinking on health care..

They actually believe in the fantasy that "a patient and his doctor" can make decisions without any influence from insurance companies who deny choice motivated solely by profit..

They see the government as a potential "middleman" while denying the obvious fact that "for profit" insurance companies already play that role..

They don't get the fact that a "not-for-profit" government insurance plans only function and purpose would be to serve their clients, not corporate stockholders. They would not exist to make profit. They would exist to provide the service..

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 7.10.2009 @ 04:32


Rick said:

"In all honesty, ask yourself why those judges should choose this president’s country to host an event when they have heard so many negative things about it?"

"this president’s country"??...Really?

What about THIS Rick??

"Equating Obama with the country itself is an error made by partisans and those infected with excessive ideology."

Good one.

Why not just say "America"??...instead you say "this president's country"?

Language like that is why some people think that you hate this place Rick..

Then you say:

"I am put off by the happiness shown by the right over this personal failure by the president."

This is another one of those "problems of perception"..

You may be put off by the happiness Rick, but by continually calling this a "personal failure" by the president, you're buying into the premise...and celebrating in your own subtle way..

There are some probable reasons besides a "personal failure by Obama" for America losing the bid..

"America's visa processing issues have been well-publicized throughout much of the world, with some tourists waiting six months or more to have a 10 minute appointment with a visa examiner in an embassy or consulate to visit America on a vacation. Business visas or those for cultural ambassadors, like artists and athletes, are similarly problematic.

Pakistani IOC member Syed Shahid Ali correctly noted the significant difficulties facing foreigners seeking entry into the United States.

The Wall Street Journal speculates that Chicago's loss has more to do with the heavy European membership at the IOC and Latin American IOC members lining up behind Rio; however, the visa issue has been an growing problem since new requirements were issued after 9/11."

These could be deciding factors Rick, maybe even more influential to judges than your theory that Obama speaking the truth abroad has hurt our image sooo badly in the past year that it cost us the olympics and that is a "personal failure" by the president..

Check the latest polling numbers...The image of the United States has improved markedly in most parts of the world since Obama became president..

Israel doesn't like us very much, but they'll still take our billions in

Why would judges award an international event to a country that makes it such a hassle to travel to Rick?...Especially when we've already had Atlanta and Salt Lake City in recent history??

Yet in 3 posts on this topic here, you haven't even considered these factors once..

We never stood a chance...out in the first is business man..

Here's my theory:

Obama likely knew that chances were slim, but he used to live in Chicago, and since other world leaders attended, he felt like he should stand up for America and Chicago. He was being a "servant of the people"...and in that capacity, this can hardly be called a "personal failure"...He ultimately did what was right, even though he knew he would pay a price at home.

Regarding your "Chicago as the most corrupt city in America" argument...Most people know that corruption is everywhere, and an argument could be made against any city based on corruption...Add to that the documented corruption of republicans far and wide, and the unprecedented level of contract fraud associated with the Bush Iraq war, and you can see why your argument carries little weight with the public..

Rick says:

"I can find no opposition on the left to the idea of bringing the Olympics to Chicago because of the inevitable cost overruns due to corruption."

That's funny, I used to say something similar to that a while back..

...I can find no opposition on the right to the idea of bringing war to Iraq because of the inevitable cost overruns due to corruption.

Turns out Iraq made Chicago look like a pickpocket..

I guess this means that all those conservatives that supported the war also condoned seeing their money wasted or stolen rather than spent to support troops risking their lives and dying..

Only those involved in corruption condone it Rick..your "good government" liberals are my "fiscal" conservatives...they both look the other way when their guy is in the house..

And finally...A quote from George W. Bush:

"They say that the Olympics will come to Chicago if we're fortunate enough to be selected, but really it's coming to America, and I can't think of a better city to represent the United States than Chicago."

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 3.10.2009 @ 20:07


Then Travis says:

"None of us on the right are ‘rooting for Obama to ‘fail’"

Are you living on the same planet as the rest of us Travis?

Rush Limbaugh: "I Hope Obama Fails."

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 3.10.2009 @ 04:52

Then Travis says:

"(...nobody actively opposed Chicago’s bid, that’s nuts.)"

Rick Moran opposed Chicago's bid on the basis of corruption...see his 9/28 posting..

Rick...he's calling you "nuts" and a "nobody"...You gonna take that crap?

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 3.10.2009 @ 04:45

Travis says:

"Nobody is ‘celebrating’ except in Rio."

I guess you don't read too many conservative blogs except for this one Travis..

Some random comments from RedState...

1. "The Messiah has failed?
Erick….you seem to take such glee in his failure?
HA HA So do I……"

2. "We’re cheering against Obama. Hosting the Olympics doesn’t do anything for the U.S."

3. "Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

This puts a huge grin on my face for the rest of the day. Will be interested to see how the Obamas address this huge loss of face on both their parts. Guess the IOC was immune to charms of the First Grizzly and her toned arms plus the frozen rictus grin of her husband.

Good on ya, IOC, you finally did something I can applaud you for!"

4. "It's a real sun shiny day now that the IOC has rejected him. I want to see some more rejection before the year is out. That way we can show him as a super failure."

And from HotAir...

1. "It feels like Christmas!"

2. "YES!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, man I feel the need to go buy a cake or something!"

3. "Wow! Hope and Change, Baby!!!!! Take that Obama!"

4. "Gosh this is my happy Friday news! Our bho, mo, jarrett, and oprah went under the bus!"

5. "It just doesn’t get any better than this!!!!!!!"

I could post thousands of similar comments from conservative sites Travis...If this isn't "celebrating"...than what is it?

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 3.10.2009 @ 04:38

This has nothing to do with leadership...It was just a simple gesture by Obama to speak on behalf of Chicago...The Olympic committee rejected the City of Chicago, not Obama..

If I had my choice of vacationing in either Rio or Chicago, I'd reject Chicago also..

Obama was a stand-up guy for going to Copenhagen to root for the home team...Reasonable people realize that this means nothing compared with everything else he has on his plate, but he made the effort anyway...good for him.

This was your typical right wing, transparent, whiny, hypocritical, mountain out of a molehill, sour grapes, white noise, anti-American, echo chamber issue to begin with...The right has been rooting for America to lose so they can blame Obama and his "leadership skills"...and now they're cheering because they think they have a victory of any consequence..

They don't

Comment Posted By Moltenorb On 2.10.2009 @ 18:12

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