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Rick says: "For the last time…there are other ways to skewer these moonbat ladies than accusing them of “enjoying” the fact that their husbands are dead. What part of that don’t you understand?"

Rick, Coulter is CLEARLY saying that these widows are enjoying their "victimhood status" by abusing that to stifle debate. There is NO WAY you can arrive at your statement from the facts. Your gripe is simply with her rhetorical style - and what you say is MISLEADING.

This said, let me incidentally add that I am not a Coulter fan, and her comments about evolution and god reeks of ignorance of the methodology of science and the process of arriving at knowledge - so central for a functioning democracy.

Comment Posted By Mohseni On 7.06.2006 @ 15:35

Rick - you are putting too many words into what she says - you are not being reasonable. If the widow happens to enjoy a new car bought by the compensation due her husband, would it be wrong to make a factual statement that she actually enjoys driving a new car without accusing the speaker or the widow of insensitivity? Is the speaker saying that she does not grieve her husband? Is the speaker saying that she caused the death of her husband to gain a car? Stop seeing monsters in the clouds. This is the kind of narrow rationality the language-obsessed meaning-challenged cultural leftists use to make argument, IMO.

It is so obvious that Coulter is saying that this groups is reveling in the extra status they have gained as they are using this power to stifle debate - by virtue of the fact that they are direct victims. She is NOT saying that they are enjoying the death of their husbands.

"HOW you criticize someone is just as important in a democracy as what you say. That is my beef with Coulter."

There is no rule to tell you how to say something - especially not in a democracy. How she says it is a matter of non-scientific taste and perception. Leftists obsessed with language will see dark clouds and insults. Those who wish to deal with meaning and content will see a valid issue expressed in an unusual way. Of course you are welcome to express your interpretation on this. But IMO, that takes away from the content.

No, in a democracy, it is not the case that "how you say it is as important as what you say". That may be true in Southern Waziristan. But certainly not in a mature, educated, open and liberal democracy - where meaning and content trumps style and protocol.

Yes, I will contribute for a Preview button and a scroll bar too. For some reason, the scroll bar does not appear on my page. That is, it is hidden under the maroon right bar, and cannot be accessed.

Comment Posted By Mohseni On 6.06.2006 @ 20:41

Coulter has a valid point. You cannot use your victimhood status to silence debate. Now her style of expressing that is the subject of Rick's post.

May I suggest to Rick, to stick to the issue, and not to the fluff? Coulter's style of expression is her own business and some may put it to her insensitivity, and some may put it to her passion. Let us not debate something which is fluff in nature and a matter of taste.

Let us debate something that is hard fact, that has significance, and that is a hot burning issue today with all the obfuscatory political correctness that masquerades as "sensitivity and tolerance".

Comment Posted By Mohseni On 6.06.2006 @ 19:12



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