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Check out Rick's archives for his piece about "live-blogging" the Battle for Gettysburg. It's a wonderful piece that's entertaining and educational both.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 23.10.2006 @ 12:36


WOW! What a game! I'm not a Chicago fan, but I am a Rick Moran Fan, so YEA BEARS! I'm happy for you Rick, and for your town.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 17.10.2006 @ 07:18


As a Navy Veteran, this story enforces all that I know about Seals. This young man gave his life in the most noble way a person can. It seems possible that he had a feeling tht something might happen, and that he may have contemplated that scenario, or different scenarios before he died. I think that an ordinary person would instinctively move away from a danger like a grenade. But this young man, in a decision that probably took a mili-second, leaped to meet the danger. He must have made that choice in his mind before the incident. And what a decision! Jesus said that there is no greatrer love that a man lay down his life for his friends. I hope that Michael is celebrating and being rewarded in Heaven. Pray for his family, and pray for America.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 14.10.2006 @ 07:53


Gee Melanie, there sure seems to be alot of anger and contempt in your post. I also am from the "South" and was raised with "God Fearin" Christins, and my experience couldn't be more different than yours. To be sure, my Christian friends and family aren't perfect, but then, who is? It seems to me if someone claims to believe in Christ, and has any sort of weaknesses or sins burdening their life, then your aren't really considered a Christian by some folks. I'm not perfect, and frequently(quite frequently!) ask for forgivness of my sins. But I still believe in Christ, and call myself a Christian. I don't claim to be a perfect Christian, just a forgiven one. I'm sorry that the folks you were raised with didn't live up to your expectations of what a Christian can be. But that doesn't mean that the Christian experience is invalid. I hope you can come to find the Love of Christ yourself, and be able to show it in a much better way than you have seen in others. I don't mean to sound "preachy", but you sounded so bitter, I had to respond. God Bless You.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 6.10.2006 @ 15:10


Hey dave the dolt, where did you get the idea that some people out there wouldn't call 911 or take their family to the hospital? Did someone say that or imply that? Did anyone call the powder incident a joke? Where did you get that idea? Is that how you feel about it? Or are you just being sarcastic? Sounds like you are spoiling for a fight, or something, and you seem to be reading something here that no one else can see. How do you do that?

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 27.09.2006 @ 21:44

I'm trying to work up a righteous indignation over the Post article, but it's just not working. Olberman spews out so much hate and venom in such an unjustified manner that I figure fate/God has handed him some "you reap what you sow" medicine to take. He was not injured, and maybe this whole incident was a needed lesson from God, or an attempt to draw Olberman nigh unto Him. I'm sure that Olberman has brougtht more hurt to others than this incident cost him. And I really don't think that the Post response is any indication of a "Banana Republic" type attitude to an open, hostile press. The Post piece would probably have been different if the powder had been toxic. But it wasn't, and I think you "media" types are over-reacting. That article harmed no one. I don't mean to be hard hearted, but I just don't think it's that big of a deal.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 27.09.2006 @ 21:05


I've shed plenty of tears today, so far, and I'm sure they'll be more. I took a vacation day today specifically to stay home and watch all the rememberances and ceremonies commemorating 911. I thought I would spend the day in prayer and supplication. I'm struck today at all the references to things Godly in all the ceremonies. And I mean the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the father of the Christ. EVERY official "to do" today either held readings from the Bible, old and new Testaments, or direct communication to that same God. Maybe that belief and supplication to God- THAT God, has kept us safe. Or at least not having another attack on the homeland. I don't know. I believe it could be so. In any case, we've been Blessed. What a country we live in to be able to survive so well after such an attack, and what a Good God to have kept us so well thru that time. Remember to pray for our President. He sure needs the extra strength.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 11.09.2006 @ 10:56


I think that if the "Loyal? Opposition" had been more loyal and less Bush deranged, the President would have had a much stronger hand. If we had a fair or even-handed "real"press, as opposed to the Dan Rather types who seem to hate him, the President would have a much stronger negotiating stance. If we had allies that wern't so jealous and untrustworthy and sometimes cowardly, then maybe the President wouldn't have to always practically fight all on his own. He could have some backup. The man has had unimaginable burdens and pressures and dishonabole intentions directed towards him while in this job, and has always remained steady and honorable. His decisions have sometimes enraged me, but I've always trusted his smarts, his fotitude and his heart. He is the best friend Israel can have, and shame on them if they can't see it.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 12.08.2006 @ 23:46


I am so sick of Middle East turmoil. For all of my adult life, Americans have been attacked by Islamic Muslim terrorist. Remember Leon Klinghoffer back in the seventies? And since then, there have been dozens of attacks, most which have gone unpunished. When half the country doesn't recognize the fight to the death we are in,and most of the MSM hates Bush so much it doesn't care about hurting America as long as it hurts Bush, it's getting harder and harder to believe things are going to be ok. I wish we would pull off the gloves and really go after the thugs, murderers and haters that are out there. The arms going to Chavez should be blown out of the sky before they ever get to Venezuela. That little twerp in Iran should be targeted for assiasination, as well as the Hezbollah leader, ands the Hamas leaders. Just the same way we go after Al-Queda leaders. America has every right and need to take the gloves off, and drop the "can't we all get along" attitude, and really start to fight this fight. This isn't politically correct, but couldn't hurt. Let's just go all out, mix it up and face the consequences. How could it be any more frustating or dangerous than what it already is?

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 29.07.2006 @ 11:20


To think that the owner of "RightWingNuthouse" would be championing Arlan Spector, and wanting CONSTITUTIONAL rights for terror detainees at Gitmo just blows my mind. Who cares if out erstwhile "allies" don't like Gitmo? How can any American trust the Congress to really protect us? President Bush is the ONLY one who has constantly made that his main goal. There's too many liberals and RINO's there to do the job right, and too much Bush hate in congress to really trust them. How many secrets have been leaked or confirmed by the Dems? I'm shocked and disappointed that I had to read this stuff on your website. But then again, you occasionally do seem to like thinking the worst of this President. War Crime charges against the President? A Daily KOS dream.

Comment Posted By Mitzi On 29.06.2006 @ 19:30

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