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I am a physician(born in Europe,trained in the United States) and this my take.In America we have a preoccupation with what we eat and ignore how(how much and how often) we eat.
If you consume huge number of calories you are going to be fat.Whether it comes from "fat free" food or cheeseburgers is irrelevant.

Comment Posted By Milan On 3.09.2006 @ 09:08


Let's stay with comparison with cold war for a while.After all I am a child of the cold war(born in Czechoslovakia in 1957).
There's no doubt we made some serious blunders in Iraq and the whole"war on terror"conflict.But let me remind you several huge blunders United States commited in conflict with communism:
FDR's total lack of understanding of murderous character of Stalin's regime,almost complete dismantling of American military after WW2(ignoring the fact that Soviet Union did the opposite),Yalta conference(now here is an example what happens if United States retreats),Berlin crisis(after death of Stalin Soviet Union was in turmoil and was prepared to give up Eastern Europe but United States didn't take advantage of this opportunity),Bay of Pigs and finally charade of"detente"(at the time when Soviet economy was falling apart and population of Soviet Union and all satellites was disillusioned and couldn't wait to give up on communism we helped to put Soviet Union on life support and gave them almost two additional decades of existence).
Yes...we made some huge mistakes in this current conflict.But we made blunders in all previous wars. And ultimately we prevailed...not because we conducted mistake-free wars but because we stuck with it.

Comment Posted By Milan On 20.08.2006 @ 22:29

If we believe that this war with radical islam is a conflict that will define our generation its benefitial to put it in a perspective.
We invaded Iraq three and half years ago.The real cold war started in 1948(by establishing communist regimes in Eastern Europe).Three and half years after that in the year 1951 things didn't look good around the world for western democracy.Mac Arthur was just removed by Truman,war in Korea was in stalemate with no end in sight,few years back Soviets detonated their first atomic bomb(and in two years they developed hydrogene bomb),Josef Stalin was planning third world war,communists ruled China for one year and all over Eastern Europe show trials were in progress.
But in 1951 United States didn't quit, didn't whine,didn't withdraw.....It took thirty eight more years until communism finally decomposed and croaked.
I think little bit of patience and endurance is in order.....

Comment Posted By Milan On 20.08.2006 @ 20:38

I hope you feel better now....But now when you passed that gallstone you can enlighten us what your plans are?

Comment Posted By Milan On 20.08.2006 @ 19:53


fair enough(#16).

But I am reading Israeli press daily and I am very concerned about current level of anti-Americanism.
There seems to be a popular belief that Israel is acting on behalf United States(one Israeli author even called Israel"vasal of the United States")
For example in article "Ending the Neoconservative Nightmare"(printed in Haaretz on August 12,2006) author Daniel Levy writes:
"...Israel was in need of an early exit strategy but had its diplomatic options narrowed by American weakness and marginalization in the region and found itself ratcheting up aerial and ground operations in ways that largely worked to Hezbollah's advantage."'s all our fault-we made them do it!

Here few words about those bad "neocons":
"This tight-knit group of defence intellectuals were considered somewhat off-beat until they teamed up with hawkish well-connected Republicans like Cheney,Rumsfeld and Gingrich and with emerging powerhouse of Christiam right.Their agenda is an aggressive unilateralist US global supremacy,a radical vision with fixation on the Middle East,obsession with Iraq and affinity to "old Likud"politics of Israel."
Bad dudes those"neocons"....But author forgot"the oil" and "Halliburton"...

"The US press and blogosphere is awash with neocon-inspired calls for idefinite shooting..."
Those gun crazy Yankees....and our blood thirsty press and blogosphere...

"An America seeks to reshape the region through an usophisticated mixture of bombs and ballots,devoid of local contextual understanding..."
Sounds more nuanced than John Kerry.....

"Israel does have enemies,interests and security imperatives but there is no logic in the country volunteering itself for the frontline of an ideologically misguided and avoidable war of civilizations"
And I thought that Iranian president wanted to wipe off Israel from the map....I guess that's avoidable with proper contextual understanding and avoiding bad influence of United States and neocons....

As far as Evangelical Christians,group that was consistently supportive of Israel author has those words:
"The largest "pro-Israel" lobby during the crisis was mobilized by Pastor John Hagee and his Christians United For Israel,a believer of Armageddon with all its implications for rather particular end to the Jewish story.This is just asking to become the mother of all dumb,self-defeating and morally abhorent alliances"
I guess seekers of lost immam have much better plan for Israel then those Evangelical Christians

To what exted those wildly published views are prevalent among people in Israel I have no idea.But we shouldn't ignore them....
And at least for this life-long supporter of Israel they are reason for concern and source of frustration


Comment Posted By Milan On 14.08.2006 @ 20:36

It's interesting you quote Shmuel Rosner.For some time he writes quite vitriolic anti-American articles for Haaretz.His major theme is:"It's all America's and GWB's fault-they made us do it".

Comment Posted By Milan On 14.08.2006 @ 18:23


The horrible nature of nuclear weapons should emphasize how important is to keep fanatics and terrorists from obtaining them.
But that obvious conclusion is too difficult for convoluted thinking of liberals to make.

Comment Posted By Milan On 6.08.2006 @ 12:16


Hezbo supporters in Beirut are attacking UN building waving yellow Hezbo flags and the commie red ones with sickle and hammer.
I bet lots of people in the media have a hard time to choose which side to root for...

Comment Posted By Milan On 30.07.2006 @ 14:18're breaking my heart....
I feel so sorry for your parents coughing up their savings for this kind of education.
Maybe she will grow up one day and become a soccer mom...but for now...can someone get Cecilia a date...or at least Imodium?

Comment Posted By Milan On 30.07.2006 @ 12:09



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