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Rick brings up a good point with regards to our forces currently in Iraq and the possibility those forces might be needed in Iran at some point. We may be between somewhat of a rock and a hard place at this time.

As long as we are in Iraq fullscale, it will be difficult (but not impossible) for us to engage Iran militarily the way we might want to. Consider, if we were to attack or invade Iran while we are still in Iraq at the levels we are now. Even with a small scale attack, the ramifications to our efforts and progress in rebuilding Iraq could be seriously damaged. The Iraqi's are if anything, moving closer to Iran. What would happen to our progress in Iraq now, if we started an Iran war while we were still in Iraq? At minimum we could very well be fighting a two-front war with insurgents inside the wire with us in our rear. And that's a high probability possibility we would rather not face if we dont have to.

Whether you think it may or may not be a good idea to leave Iraq soon, there are definite advantages to doing so with regards to any potential upcoming attack on Iran.

Forgetting for a moment about the Iraqi stability ramifications of us leaving Iraq, consider how helpful that would be to our Iranian engagement if we were clear of Iraq. A Murtha-type plan where our forces redeploy to Kuwait (or somewhere else close by) would be very beneficial to a future Iranian expedition. We could resupply and get fully prepared for an invasion of Iran. Whether we did invade or not, just having all our forces stockpiled in Kuwait tanned, rested, and ready might sway the Iranians that they need to be a little more cooperative with us. It would help diplomatically because they would see we mean business. As it stands now, Iran knows we are in no position to open up another front with them.

The Iranians are developing nuclear weapons right now. We cant kick that can down the road for another few years, we need to stop that development right now. Who wants another cold war, this time with unstable and beligerent Muslims?

The Iraqi's may have to stand on their own two feet sooner than expected, but like every newborn, we all gotta do it eventually. It may be time for them to start now. We need our forces clear of the Iraqi situation now so we can begin to prepare in earnest for the upcoming Iranian engagements. Let's give Iraq some "tough love" now by leaving so we can start preparing for the Iranian conflict that must come. We need to be clear of this Iraqi entanglement in order to get prepared to stop what really matters - a middle eastern country with nukes.

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