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Wow. Rick, what side of the aisle are you on? First, I'm happy Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are in (GO BEARS). But the lack of black head coaches in the NFL is not some conspiracy to keep the pockets of rich, white males filled and the black man down. Is YOUR white guilt getting to you. Heck, until this weekend, Coach Dungy had the reputation of not producing in the post season with talented teams. Is this because he's black? No. For whatever reason, Tony's teams choked in the post season. Not this year. So, did Tony get an extra shot of black to help push him over the hump and into the Super Bowl? I understand there has been bad (horrible) white coaches (see Jauron, Dick with the Bears and Mularkey, Mike who Dick replaced at the Bills). But to imply a black coach would have done or should have done better or at least given a chance is hindsight. But, you want to bring color into football. Those 35 football players arrested for various degrees of stupidity, how many were black. Let me guess, there's white men behind that too. We're opening up a huge can of worms. I can go on and on. Should we feel sorry for the players who get "rode like cheap horses" for big bucks and retire/get released broke because the market for used bling and Escalades is weak? What, no national health care plan for the superstar and subpar players who have the potential to make millions? Maybe, like responsible adults, they should plan for the future. Most of these guys went to college, right? They should know, right? HA. Mr. Upshaw's right. If it is such a problem, have the current guys vote something in. But, they're too busy looking for the next big paycheck.
Rick, I read your posts everyday. I almost always agree with your points. This affirmative action stuff, no way. Like Mr. King said,"... not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Enough said. Lovie Smith is a good head coach, who just happens to be black. GO BEARS!

Comment Posted By Mike Ulrich On 24.01.2007 @ 12:04


First, I'd like to say I read your site everyday. I agree with most of your points and views. However, I strongly disagree with your stance on the "much ado about nothing" on the Qur'an and Ellison's oath. There is nothing (in my limited knowledge) in the Qur'an that comes close to the liberal values of a democracy. As the other gentlemen have replied, there is no way Ellison can follow both (US Constitution and Qur'an). Its a travesty that the people in Minnesota elected this guy. I guess I'm considered a close-minded racist, but I have history as proof of the contributions of Islam to world society.

Keep up the good work and go Bears!

Peoria, IL

Comment Posted By Mike Ulrich On 4.01.2007 @ 15:38



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