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In my experience most of these Southerners do not attach racial overtones to the flag. Rather, it is simply a symbol of Southern pride. Personally, I'm for removing the flag from State Capitols etc., but the thought of removing the flag from Confederate Soldier memorials, or abolishing it altogether completely unacceptable.

Why the Southern Pride? I think some of it was due to carpet bagging, and the devastation throughout the South caused by the Civil War. These caused the people and places of the Civil War to take on mythic proportions, and ingrained them into Southern Culture. More recently I think some of this pride is a reaction to pop-culture's portrayal of the average southerner. The white southerner seems to be one of the few groups of people it is entirely acceptable to make fun of. These cultural attacks contribute to a 'circle the wagons' mentality. Attacks on the Confederate flag add to the perception that Southern culture is under attack, and causes the flag’s supporters to dig their heels in even further.

Comment Posted By Mickel Knight On 8.05.2005 @ 13:20



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