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Basically, I can't read that kind of horse puckey. They all think that they are so superior, yet when push comes to shove, they don't have the facts to back up their 'feelings' (they don't have ideas, they have 'feelings'). Thanks for the update on him, but I think I'll pass. He's just another 'progressive' intent on tearing this country down. I really wish I could take all the 'progressives' in this country and send them to live for a year in North Korea or Chile or even Finland. Then they would get what government oppression is all about. Then they would feel the type of taxation that they talk about, but don't know about. Then they could really see what it's like to get the same monthly stipend regardless of if you work your rear end off, or if you merely use it for sitting purposes.

Comment Posted By Michael_the_Archangel On 15.02.2005 @ 21:11



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