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Well, apparently our dislike of Romney as a candidate is simply due to our jealousy!

I'm not sure what's the worse sign of the growing decadence of the conservative intellectual leadership: the fact that the American Thinker agreed to publish this dribble in the first place or that it was highlighted a few times at the Corner over at National

Comment Posted By Michael C On 23.01.2008 @ 13:56


Honestly, the conservative movement is in dire need of the Fred that arose prior to the SC primary to stick around and remain active (even if not running). I think what this election is proving is that all of these years without a clear movement figure active in politics has finally caught up with conservatives. We continually gave in and accepted flawed candidates who were not interested in actually leading the movement and now where so-called conservatives are voting for candidates who at worst are trying to redefine the movement or at a modicum best simply being propped up on silly beltway notions such as "electability." This election year cycle is already lost, but the conservative movement needs a public political leader to stand up and serve as a permanent agitator and to call to accountability Democrats and Republicans at every turn when they fail to uphold to conservative principles. Rush et al are fine, but we need a political figure to rally around soon, or otherwise be prepared for more of this type of election well into the future. I may be dreaming in hoping Fred will step up and serve that role, but I am not sure whom else we have at this point.

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The third bullet point I think serves a perfect microcosm of the cruel reality this report presents. When we have to promote climate change within a military alliance statement in order to get the Europeans to sign on to its release, clearly the purpose and seriousness of the organization has been lost.

I understand there is an idealized hope for Western unity, but it is becoming more often than not that most of the European's are just dead weight. I really wish the American leaders would take a hard look at the realities of the world and start reforming our military alliances around them.

Comment Posted By Michael C On 22.01.2008 @ 14:59



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