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Michelle Malkin is a national treasure. Agree or disagree with her, she voices her perspective with argument supported by evidence and with a passion and energy that is amazing to witness. I think many who hate her are envious of her dedication and work ethic. Amazing person. Amazing woman.

Comment Posted By Michael Babbitt On 7.09.2007 @ 09:59


Who watched the speech? More people than watched American Idol. The anti-war people are spoiled brats who cannot face reality. Whether you like the way we entered the war or not is of no consequence. When Osama Bin Laden says that Iraq is a key battleground in his jihad, that is all you need to know. The cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face crowd are delusional losers so full of hatred for Bush they are blind to reason. They want to believe Iraq is lost. They want to believe the US is a bully. But they turn a blind eye to the clearly and simple logical consequences of their defeatism and pacifism: global jihadism will grow and fester faster than they will dare imagine and within ten years the world and the US will experience death on such a massive level that they will curse the day of their pettiness and cowardliness. What a corrupted culture. It is unbelievable that we even have to seriously argue and debate this.

Comment Posted By MIchael Babbitt On 25.01.2007 @ 20:44


This country is in serious danger when you get poll results like these. It is sickening and tragic. The Left has taken over this country enough to poison the entire political process and conversation. I hope there is an effective antidote somewhere...but I am not holding my breath. Thank God for the blogosphere.

Comment Posted By MIchael Babbitt On 20.01.2007 @ 23:12


Besides your calm and logical analysis I think you hit it on the head when you asked, “[I]s there any reason not to take the President of the United States at his word that the program targets foreign terrorists and not innocent Americans?” Somehow people against President Bush, who incidentally lost the last Presidential election, cannot stand to admit that their primary concern is that they have ascribed to him a pseudo-demonic persona and thus cannot answer that question in the affirmative. They had no problems with previously expressed presidential views on the subject – all in agreement with President Bush’s – but since they were Democrats they were trusted, which in itself is an irony of life when you see where their judgments led the nation. After 9/11 I gave up my far left liberalism and my deep prejudiced contempt for George W. Bush, I saw him in a new light as a decent, sincere, and principled man. Sometimes I think he is too much like a saint for putting up with the most disgusting politically motivated character attacks in recent history and responding to it so calmly. He needs to express a bit more outrage in my opinion.

Anyway, I look forward to your writings.

Comment Posted By Michael Babbitt On 21.12.2005 @ 15:45



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