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Quantum mechanics repair quantums. An important, underappreciated job that someone must do.

I thought they worked on Australian jets.

BTW, Rick, that music was AWESOME (my give-a-damn's busted)!

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 24.09.2008 @ 16:30

Of course, referencing my comment #5, I am speaking ideally... I am aware of the political reality of each party trying to avoid the blame, and if possible, assign it to the other party. Which, of course, is why a true, viable plan will NOT be presented.

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 24.09.2008 @ 10:32

I can say this with the moral authority to do so, because I have several significant investments in REITS (and I'm losing my ass on them): the market should be allowed to fail. It can, should, and will self-correct. Since when is it the government's responsibility to take care of idiots (and yes, I am one of them for buying the high-risk REITs)? Who came up with the idea that poor business and investment decisions should be pain-free?

There is plenty of blame to go-around- Bush and McCain should have carried their warnings directly to the people. Clinton should not have "forced" F-Mae and F-Mac to approve high-risk loans. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should... well, they should be shot.

A failing market will cause hardship, but will not end the republic. New (hopefully honest) leaders will emerge, good corporations will be rewarded, bad corps punished. A catharsis of sorts that, while painful in the short-term, will be hugely beneficial in the long term. And hopefully, both the American public and the government will learn a valuable lesson.

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 24.09.2008 @ 10:27

Blogs and the 2008 Election

Blogs have destroyed the arrogant, biased monopoly of the mainstream media. Without LGF, photoshopped pictures, presented by AP as authentic, would never have been discovered. Without Jawa (or Ace), Axelrod's astroturfing would never have seen the light of day. As far as journalistic integrity goes, most blogs are front and center with their political affiliations. The MSM feigns shock and outrage when anybody confronts them as biased.

I think the time is past due for the MSM to start asking "why are the blogs kicking our asses"?

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 23.09.2008 @ 09:47


Where will you be gambling, er, staying?

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 19.09.2008 @ 08:01


Nothing surprises me anymore, w.r.t. how filthy the left is in politics. My eyes were opened a long time ago, but the Dan Rather thing (forged letter) last election made me realize the lengths the left (and yes, I am talking about the media) will go to to lie and distort in order to steal the election.

If you have never experienced a situation, it is EXTREMELY difficult, on the fly, to figure out how to extricate yourself from it. McCain's reaction reflected this uncertainty, knowing that this would be spun negatively (see paragraph one), no matter what he did.

To quote Allah, my pessimism meter is falling (the lower, the more pessimistic). I was never a huge McCain fan, but I became really excited about Palin. Her extemperaneous performances are less than spectacular, and while that doesn't affect my opinion of her directly, I think that it will affect a lot of voters. I'm not ready to say we're f*cked, but team McCain is 1) underfunded (yes, I know that it is mostly his own fault via McCain-Feingold), 2) old (McCain)/inexperienced (Palin), and 3) battling not only team Obama, but an extremely hostile media. It's a lot to overcome. If there is a God, it would be nice for Him to make an appearance.

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 18.09.2008 @ 14:08


Sometimes the truth hurts. I hate to agree with you on this, Rick, but I do. However...

1. I think your assessment of the SCOTUS is wrong (if Obama wins). It could be a true Marxist appointment, because a cloture vote is possible (depending on Obama's coattails and RINO's like Lindsey Graham).
2. If McCain winds, huge pressure would be applied for true reform, since this is now the cornerstone of his political aspirations. And whatever one think's about Palin's ability, most even-minded people would admint that she has "walked the walk" w.r.t. reform. Influence on McCain- doubtful, but all presidents want a positive legacy. It would not be the first time for Palin to resign in protest if a reform agenda were not pursued (and would be incredibly effective to her own political aspirations- it certainly worked in AK).

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 17.09.2008 @ 10:23


What crap, Rick. I'd need about 2 hours to argue your lack of logic on this one, and I don't have the time (and I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear it). So I'll just sign off quoting your biggest laugher in the post:

"he is a nominal Christian, a family man, seems fairly honest for a politician, and cares about his community"

Fairly honest for a politician (I could link to about a dozen of your own posts describing what a dirty pol he is)?!? Nominal Christian (yeah, if black liberation theology is your thing)?!?

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 15.09.2008 @ 05:52


Great post, Rick.

I have one comment (not really an objection) regarding the paragraph about the "silly meme about America being Islamized". First, I believe that the overreaction to incidents of accomodating Muslims have a lot more to do with a basic revulsion to the religion that an actual fear that the country is being taken over. Second, there is a very clear slippery slope when it comes to granting accomodations based strictly on religion (undermining the separation clause of the first amendment), and some slack should be granted to people that are outraged by this. Third, if indeed it is fear of Islamization, you have only to look at Denmark, The Netherlands, and even England, to see a basis for some paranoia.

Finally (and I know this is a nit), it was the know-nothings (not the no-nothings), and an excellent comparison it was, considering they were a crucial component in electing the first Republican president.

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 11.09.2008 @ 15:11


Yesterday, Allah raised a fascinating exit question:

From Hot Air: "Exit question via John Judis: We’re all so familiar with McCain’s bio that we take it for granted, but never underestimate how little the general public pays attention to stuff like that until it’s time to vote. Could the POW tributes at the convention be what’s driving Maverick’s surge in the polls?"

It is undeniable that Palin has had a huge impact on enthusiasm of the base, but we may, in fact, be giving her too much credit, or more accurately, not enough credit to McCain's heroism being discovered.

Comment Posted By Michael B. On 11.09.2008 @ 08:49


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