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Since when has Valerie Plame been a undercover agent? If I'm not mistaken, her cover was blown by Aldrich Ames during the Clinton (Klingon) Administration. Since when have CIA analysts who commute daily from the "hilly country" west of Georgetown been considered "undercover" agents?? Why don't the dumb-ass Democrats get down to real business about protecting the American people against real terrorists whose cases are being argued by the criminal ACLU?

Comment Posted By Mescalero On 21.01.2006 @ 23:29


There are many opinions of Martin Luther King, some favorable, others not so favorable. His understanding of foreign affairs was miserably poor, but his greatest call was for America to make good on its promise of "equality for all". He did so in a way that inspired individuals from a very large spectrum of the American politics, and in my opinion made this country a better place to live.

Those who use the memory of Martin Luther King to slander President Bush over the war on terrorism and the current military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, need to take a good long look in a mirror and ask themselves some tough questions:
1). How long has slavery and racism existed under Islam (answer: about 1400 years)?
2). How do you explain Islamic slavery, racism and genocide in the Sudan province of Darfur and in northern Ethiopia? How do explain the racist policies of Idi Amin?
3). Do you know anything at all about the Zanj rebellion against the Abbassid Caliphs? This rebellion of black slaves against oppression rivaled that of the Spartacists against the Roman Empire. If at one time there were large black populations in Iraq and Iran, where are the descendants of these people today? Don't come back and tell me they melted in with the rest of the population. That never happened. Survivors of black slaves in these countries today live at the bottom of the economic and politcal scales and are often referred to by the Arabic equivalent of the n-word.
4). Why does the announcement of the imposition of Sharia in sub-Sahara African countries always lead to major riots and bloodshed?
5). Slavery in the United States lasted for approximately 250 years and was ended by a brutal civil war. It took another 100 years to finally end the grip of segregation. Why don't you go on record demanding the elimination of slavery and racism in the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Mali and elsewhere? Why is the UN deaf and silent on this issue?
6). What were the casualty rates among slaves in a) the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and b) Islamic slave caravans across the Sahara Desert (answer: 80% and oftentimes higher for the trans-Sahara slave trade). The casualty rates for the trans-Atlantic slave trade were grim as well, but you never mention the trans-Sahara slave trade even though it is equally relevant.

To the Harry Bellafontes and the rest of the hypocritical crowd today -- do you really think you're following in Martin Luther King's footsteps? From where I stand, you've strayed way off the path, and your hypocrisy will eventually come back to haunt you big time!

Comment Posted By Mescalero On 16.01.2006 @ 16:27



The only manifesto I will sign is that for John Kerry's trial and execution for collaboration with North Vietnamese war criminals. You know, John sweety pie, the ones that butchered over 2000 Viet Namese civilians in Hue AFTER the Tet offensive in 1968.

Comment Posted By Mescalero On 4.01.2006 @ 00:19


Liberals = realists = bullshit!!

Think about it friend. If you think that the liberal MSM did a good job of covering the Katrina problem, you'd better wake up real quick before the rest of us make that happen!!

Comment Posted By Mescalero On 2.01.2006 @ 23:33


Mr. Jenson is free to say whatever comes to his mind after having one too many shots of whiskey.

My challenge to Jenson:
1). Will you go on record and demand that Islamists apologize for the over 1400 years of atrocious treatment of black Africans in a slave trade that rivaled in viciousness, if not exceeded the horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade?
2). Will you go on record and apologize to the people of the Ukraine for the slave-trading crimes of the Islamic Golden Horde/Ottomans during the 13th and 14th centuries?
3). Will you go on record and condemn the Pulitzer Committee and the New York Times of Arthur Ochs (Pinch the Wimp) Sulzberger for Stalinist coverups of the Stalinist-generated Ukrainian genocide of 1930-1933?

Why is it that I won't hold my breath on this one? Stalino-Fascists and their liberal apologists have never been able to hold their own in honest debate, much less serious inquiry over crimes against humanity!

Comment Posted By Mescalero On 25.11.2005 @ 22:25


Your timeline is the only one that has credibility at present. What I would like added is something about the physics of hurricanes. I get a very quezy feeling that the evacuation plans of both the city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana are hopelessly inadequate and not reflective of the fact that high winds and rain precede landfall. The fierce winds and rains of hurricanes precede landfall by a finite time. If you have ever driven in the fringes of hurricanes as I have, you know that you have serious problems in a typical automobile. It gets worse if you try to drive a truck or, heaven forbid, a bus loaded with people.

Comment Posted By Mescalero On 9.09.2005 @ 22:08

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