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You misread Neiwert, hardly a surprise. The "culpability" he's referring to isn't for sadistic hate-mongers like Malkin and Coulter. Neiwert writes, "All these figures, of course, have the right to speak as they wish. But the media-industry figures -- the producers and executives who put them on the air, thereby giving them a bullhorn to broadcast it nationally and spew it across our television sets and radios -- are simply being irresponsible."

Creatures like Malkin and Coulter have every right to shriek and rant. It's a free country, and freedom of speech extends to all. But the people at Fox who book Malkin for their shows and editors at Time who put Coulter on the cover give them a far greater audience than their repulsive views deserve. Instead a few dozen people listening to their nonsense, there are millions, and in a sample that large you'll find some people who are mentally disturbed. So it's those editors and executives Neiwert is criticizing. You missed (or willfully ignored) his point.

Of course the conservative bloggers you mentioned aren't going to talk about this case--they're hypocrites and cowards. It would be completely out of their character to discuss news that doesn't conform to the artificial reality they pretend we all live in.

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