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Oops. Should have said "couple of hundred thousand" dollars.

The politics of hate *is* sad. And more evident in the acts of the administration than in the opinions of the uninformed. Having an opinion is not necessarily a directly political act. Playing on people's hates and fears is.

Seen it.


Comment Posted By Matt Rea On 28.05.2006 @ 22:03

Really? Assassination? C'mon, now. I'm no fan of the administration, but I sort of wish them health and long life ... just not as "The Deciders!"
I'm a moonbat, but I think the Secret Service agents know their job. {Then again, seems to me I saw something about "24" in a previous comment--maybe that makes it easier to imagine sophisticated plots--my buddy J.D. *in* the secret service says it's mostly planning, then drinking coffee and watching; and that his life is nothing like "24") I object to conspiracy theorists of all kinds (liberal AND neo-con); I think the people who believe that anyone in the administration would allow such a terrible thing to happen are wrong and stupid.
Conspiracy theories help us try and comprehend the evil bastards, I suppose. It makes us feel better to think that bad things require massive amounts of planning.
Since you're apparently someone who believes that the administration got it right, w/r/t the investigation of 9-11, I wonder how *you* explain the lack of progress on finding any Al Quaida treats, here or abroad? I saw a British documentary that made much of the fact that the very term came from a cat who stole cash from Bin-Jerkwad, and provided DOJ lawyers with "information" on him in order to rope him into the '98 embassy bombing. He got witness protection and a coupla hundred dollars. With this as "evidence", we charged off to find this massive well-organized ("60 countries!", says Rumsfeld!) pile o' crap and then ... nada. Hell, Bin-Hellbound never used the term 'till after 9-11.
You say "people will believe anything," but I think its the results that puzzle the newly sceptical. And your boys have been wrong about lots of facts. I am not (necessarily) faulting them for guessing wrong, given the fact that finding crimes ahead of time is *hard*, but it might help to understand why, if you fly in the face of reality, when it comes back to bite you in the ass, that people notice.
Rumsfeld said 2 months (outside) and 2 billion dollars, several years and 284 billion dollars ago. So scepticism that your guys figured out what was going on is not *entirely* "Un. Be. Lievable."
Of course ... I'm a moonbat.

Comment Posted By Matt Rea On 28.05.2006 @ 21:58



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