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After watching the circus on C-SPAN, I came away totally demoralized. The lefties have the right to say what they want I guess. But they certainly undermine troop moral (even my son has commented on it here in the States).

Politicians are vote whores. We already see some politicians on the right starting to waver because they anticipate the votes will swing against the war,like Vietnam. They are positioning themselves at the expense of a national resolve.

The only way to be successful in the battlefield of Iraq,the war overall,and in order to do our part to protect our sons and daughters who are in harm's way, to stifle those who oppose victory, is to shout them down so overwhelmingly that there can be no question of where the American eople stand and to make sure that the politicians know that the votes are in victory, not cutting and running. Otherwise the spinless ones in Washington will scatter for cover at the expense of our nationsl security.

Comment Posted By Marv On 27.09.2005 @ 09:39


Very well done Rick,

Hindsight is not always 20/20. The revisionist theories on why we should not have dropped the bomb ignore the anguish and desperation to win a war that had to be won. To portray the bomb's use as simply some BS political adgenda, as some do, simply ignores the context of the times.

After the battle of Okinawa it was obvious to the allied military that the Japanese were not willing to surrender. Even then their land and naval air forces were destroyed and their surface fleet gone and their economy destroyed. But yet they fought with fierce fanaticism.

Fact is, we had then the backbone and resolve to do what had to be done for our survival.

I wish so much that we, as a nation, had that same resolve now, for we face an enemy that is every bit as cruel, inhumane, and fanatical as the Japanese were on Bataan, China or the jungles of Burma and the stakes are just as high.

Comment Posted By Marv On 6.08.2005 @ 20:08


Lindsey Graham says:
“because this war is going sour in terms of word of mouth from parents and grandparents.” He said “if we don’t adjust, public opinion is going to keep slipping away".

It is going south from parents and grandparents because of spineless vote hungry bastards like Graham who, like water, take the path of least resistance. If he, and others like him would have the gonads to stand up and support this task for the duration instead of caving when things don't go the way they want it, we could win this war.

Does anyone else think that maybe, just maybe, the current "insurgent" problem wouldn't be as bad if we hadn't given in to leftist demands and given the terrorists a year to get ready?

This only confirms my fear that we WILL lose this war, and I don't mean only Iraq.

Comment Posted By Marv On 13.06.2005 @ 18:25

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