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And just think. Now these vile vomit spewing totalitarian tyrant loving asswipe opportunists are now in charge of Congress. Classy, huh? The drive-by media is evil and must be destroyed.

Comment Posted By Mark J On 29.11.2006 @ 21:28


Rick is accurate in his assessment that it is too late for this administration to do anything about these leaks and publications. The reason being is that is EXACTLY what the MSM and Clintonista’s in the CIA want Bush to do! That will move forward their ‘action line’ and agenda ‘proving’ that the Bushies are a totalitarian fascist regime (in their own puny minds). See! Even the 1st amendment isn’t safe! I can hear it all now. You must realize by now that facts, law and truth mean nothing to the Left. Their quest for power is absolute. The best way right now to curb this treasonous behavior is to financially damage the messengers (NYT, LAT, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, al-AP, al-Reuters, etc.). Businesses, small and large, need to cancel all advertising, cancel all subscriptions and distribution contracts. Quit watching and reading. I guarantee you’ll feel better and have a better day (and lower blood pressure). There are plenty of alternative news sources that actually present ‘real news’ and support America, rather than aid and abet the terrorists.

Comment Posted By Mark J On 25.06.2006 @ 11:05



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