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What you said is true, Putin's crowd are enriching themselves on energy (oil & natural gas) profits each time they claim America is inching closer to all out war with Iran, the result is global energy markets get nervous and energy contacts earn more bullish premiums.

OPEC's Iran's ruling jihadist, who triggered this latest round of tension by brazenly kidnapping the British sailors is the real 'insider trader' are also earning millions with the panic driven rise in energy costs.

Iran is pulling the same oil market stunts Saddam did, dilibertly incite higher prices through military or energy supply threats, collect hefty oil profits, then allow the tension to subside and collect on his pre-positioned bearish oil contracts.

I realize there is far more at stake for the unstable jihad-o-holics (currently) controlling Iran with their demented goal of provoking an even greater geographical 'jihad' with the intent that a far broader Shi'ite war against the 'infidels' will hasten the 'Mahdi.

We are being played by Iran & Russia, in economic terms.

When the US, UK and other supported allied forces finally take the required counter measures against Iran, lets see who will still be laughing in Tehran. The question remains what course of action will Putin take, if any?

We may not have long to wait to discover that answer.

Comment Posted By Mark Espinola On 29.03.2007 @ 09:51

Putin's boys in the basement of the Kremlin's disinformation department are spreading a rumour that Iran will be attacked on Good Friday (April 6th, 2007). Iran's terrorist exporting régime will be attacked, but not because the very nation supplying Iran's nuclear fuel and advanced weapons - Russia - says so.

Both Russia and Iran (plus wise energy traders) stand to earn a lot heafty profits on Moscow's rumour mill.

We are being played, while we pay at the pump!

Comment Posted By Mark Espinola On 26.03.2007 @ 18:29



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