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I ran across your blog because I wanted to make a comparison between Gov. Perry of Texas and Mayor Bilandic. I actually think that comparison is more apt than President Bush and Mayor Bilandic --but I will not fault anyone who keeps Chicago's colorful political history in the public eye!

There is no question that making the mostly black south side find alternate transportation was a factor in Bilandics's loss. But all of those voters were not a lock. The loss came from those formerly loyal voters who shoveled for blocks to get their cars to lots that were supposed to have been plowed. The media had made repeated announcements urging people to move their cars to the lots. Those people are still angry

That, coupled with Bilandic facetiously asking reporters from Florida, "Snow, what snow? Do you see any snow?" was what done in him in.

Now we have the population of Galveston and Houston driving at one mile an hour for hours, fleeing certain death in slow motion and running out of gas. And many would have died in their cars had the storm come that way.

They have to listen to their Governor say over and over how swell the evacuation went. Saying will not make it so to them. He can only hope their electricity stays off and they don't hear him say such things as:

"But the immediate and the ultimate goal of getting millions of
people out of the way of this storm has been achieved."

They were only out of the way because Rita spun to the east. Maybe Rita will bring gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman the same success that the snow brought Mayor Byrne.

Comment Posted By Marilyn Sue On 27.09.2005 @ 00:41



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