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I'm a bit on the fence on many aspects of the abortion issue but found your article and your talking points interesting. However, (minor topic drift) I'd like to respectfully point out one statement of yours with which I take issue:

The Christian conservatives [...] feel themselves prevented from living life the way that they see fit because others are imposing their beliefs on them.

This overly generous characterization of the the Christian Right ("conservative" is a misnomer for these right-wing radicals) is painfully ironic considering the vitriolic tenacity with which they keep attempting to alter the federal Constitution to impose their beliefs upon others (i.e., the "Federal Marriage Amendment"). Even to return to the abortion debate, most Christan "conservatives" are in this fight, not because they want to prevent others from "imposing their beliefs on them," but rather because they feel driven by moral imperatives to impose their beliefs on the rest of the nation. Regardless of what side one is on, this is an empirical fact.

Just wanted to make that point, because while I can appreciate your points in the rest of the article, I had to take some exception to that paragraph!

Comment Posted By Marie On 7.06.2006 @ 14:33



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