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Meaningless gestures of irrational outrage are all so-called "conservatives" have less, having abandoned ideas and reality!

Comment Posted By Mandy On 28.02.2009 @ 12:35


I once called myself conservative. Years of the Bush administration changed that. But the torture was the last straw for me and I registered as an independent

You know what is even more embarrassing for me Rick? Reading the sick, narrow minded, egregiously ignorant apologists in this thread, all of them whacking off to 24 and imagining somehow that waterboarding isn't torture or that it can be somehow justified.

That in a nutshell is the Bush voter. A guy with little education, a penchant for black and white answers to a complex world, believes most everything his news channels claim, likes news in tasty little fact free bites, and an utter disregard for rule of law.

Rick, I know you'll zap this comment...but conservatives like you are very rare. Conservatives like retire05 are the norm. And that's what Bush did to the Republican brand. He attracted the Retire05 conservative and repelled the George Will conservative.

Comment Posted By Mandy On 3.04.2008 @ 09:25

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