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Oh Rick!

You mean to say that your only argument is to play with words? Must make you feel good, deep inside, I guess. Well, I must admit that I am probably not as good in English syntax or as astute when it comes to finding words or comments to play with (in English that is). That is not so strange, considering that this is my third language.

But I must say that you have proven my point from the very beginning. I am fully satisfied in learning that once an American (by the word American I do not mean the entire area of the two continents, but rather a US Citizen) has made up his mind, he will never change. How smart, in a world that embraces cultural diversity and cross cultural exchanges! However, 95 % of the world’s population has fully understood the benefits of cooperation, whereas you (read the 5% that is left) have not.

I do believe that the future (in economic terms) belongs to areas such as Asia (China and India). This is something that brings hope for the future, especially since the European Union is for cooperation, and therefore we have the chance of succeeding, where you will or have already failed. Not because of your products or your companies but rather because of your single sided, always pro US, foreign affairs stance!

Je vous merci, you have strengthened me in my opinion that we in the EU must look to other continents and economic areas for future partners and allies.

You might wonder why I am interested in discussing these questions with you. Well, unlike you, I actually do have first hand information about the US. Considering that I have both studied and lived in the US for 3 years (Graduated from Brown in Providence, RI). Your knowledge of Europe is not as good, I’m afraid; this has been proved by your comments in this, and other questions, on the forum.

Comment Posted By Magnus On 19.10.2005 @ 04:42


This really shows your ignorance! Sweden has one of the highest percentages of total immigrant population in the world! Higher than that of the US, by a long shot! In Sweden 25 % of the population has a foreign background, and with that I mean that either they or their parents were immigrants (not been residing in the country for more than 2 generations).

Should we perhaps discuss the reason why you have so many "people of colour", as you say?

Have the facts before making accusations.

Comment Posted By Magnus On 18.10.2005 @ 01:37

Well. How should I approach this, as a Swede? Personally, I would consider myself a democrat, but not an American democrat, but rather what the Greeks originally meant by the word, a person who stands for a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

I do not hide the fact that I do not agree with Mr. Bush, or American foreign policy. But I am willing to discuss, and not simple say meaningless things that are only meant to hurt. And how did Swedish foreign policy of the 1940’s get mixed in with this? Let us not forget that the Americans worked WITH Saddam Hussein, Agusto Pinochet and Usama Bin Laden (in the 80’s)! Do not throw brick in a house of glass.

Also, Americans didn’t invent the world, or the policies that run the workplace. Do not come and lecture the world in work morals, or tell us that you have more willingness to work!

We in Europe have a different view of the world, and how it should be run. As a Swede, and a democrat, I stand for the universal right for the person, and any infringement of this right by any government is in my view totalitarianism! I stand for equality and non-discrimination! I stand for economic prosperity, but not at the cost of other human beings wellbeing or that of the world! Do not throw bricks in a house of glass! Clean your own back yard before attacking others!

Comment Posted By Magnus On 17.10.2005 @ 12:26



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