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For you folks who don't like the port deal then prove these "probable conduits" exist between OBL and the Dubai Islamic Bank - enough "supposition", "probability", and "alleged" impropriety on behalf of the UAE. You know, on behalf of a REFORMED UAE.

So what if OBL had an account with DIB. Do you think Osama walked into DIB setup an account in person and then announced he not only wanted free checking but a debit card? The KKK, Black Panthers, Latino-based gangs and other notorious entities have patronized the American banking system. Should we close down all those banks/financial institutions for their “purported” connections to domestic terrorists?

I mean, you anti-port people lump the pro-port name-callers in with the pro-port non-name-callers and then proceed to castigate all of us. But, yet you’ll ignore those anti-Port people who hurl insults at George Bush. It’s flat out hypocrisy.

Sensitive information and management plans pertaining to Port operations will be in the hands of those on a need to know basis. There are thousands of Arab men and women who currently perform on DoD, CIVIL, Treasury, U.S, Mint and/or other Government vehicles, some requiring a TSC-w/poly badge. Only people who have the right clearance will gain access to that classified material. I doubt Michelle Malkin ever had a SSBI or had to fill out an SF-86 so what does she know about NTK solicitation requirements. That alone destroyed the BASE of her argument.

This country, UAE, has made strides to shed their sketchy past, and this is how we reward them? Don’t bash Bush because you anti-Port people became brainwashed during eight years of Clinton where there was no delegation. Bush actually makes people work, and he expects them to be accountable for their business decisions. No one ever thinks to blame Congress.

If you really wanted a conservative solution, it would be to disband CFIUS – heck, why not dismantle HUD and Education while you’re at it. I didn’t see them mentioned anywhere in the Federalist Papers as a Govie role. So much of what Malkin bashes actually affords her the lifestyle she enjoys in southern Maryland just like me in northern Virginia: the bureaucracies in Washington. The issue isn’t with Bush in this port deal; it’s with bureaucratic organizations that spend their entire budget in order to be funded for their next fiscal year. They’re all about keeping the status quo, thereby preserving their existence.

This in no way excuses national security risks. It really highlights the flawed tactics of Bush-bashing-anti-Port “conservatives” who are seeing the trees for the forest. As much as you try to spin this story, the fact remains: you are painting, in a non-racist way, individual Arabs with one broad brush and stroke. You made your bed, don’t be bitter when you have to sleep in it.

Comment Posted By MLK II On 24.02.2006 @ 16:02


My predisposition is that, by recognizing his birthday, the American left would have a conniption fit. To celebrate just Mr. Washington every 22-Feb, would threaten liberals way of life that strives to revise history. To them out of sight, is out of minds. I mean, let's be honest, economics isn't taught in schools anymore, so why not subvert true American history while were at it and replace it with the urban dictionary.

We just have to be patient. The next generation will be self-politically educated through the existence of sites such as these which address the inadequacies of the public school system and political correctness. And it will be that generation that rights the wrongs.

Keep sounding the alarm, the youth are listening.

Comment Posted By MLK II On 23.02.2006 @ 15:31


Let's see, Arab's are "Caucasoid", er... white - so Ann's comment, technically, wasn't racist. She called radical-islamists, 'ragheads'. Once again, calling the enemy a bad name; again another non-starter. I guess the issue really becomes, how afraid and spineless are rightwing bloggers. Who cares what the MSM/left/Saddam says about the right. They are never going to stop their vitriol and hatred.

I mean, if there's no racism, why take Ann to task? If she's over the top, then why pay her any attention? Is it because she considers blogging a joke thereby pissing you guys off? Malkin calls the bad guys "bastard", and Maron calls a subset "crazed" - and they all can rationalize the name-calling. But, when Ann does it, it's bad, over the top, makes the right look bad to the left. And we can’t have you rightwing bloggers look bad in front of the left.

"QUICK! Be the first to condemn Ann to separate yourself as a "true" conservative". Please. Truly intelligent people can distinguish derision placed on one subset even if the term applies to both good and bad subsets.

Case in point, do all white people get pissed when their southern counterpart is called ‘redneck’?

Comment Posted By MLK II On 13.02.2006 @ 10:34



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