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One tainted division discredits the whole corporation.

So is the debate over scientifically? Nope. Big political hole though.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 21.11.2009 @ 16:18

No it is not the end of the debate. But all the data and computer programs need to be audited. It is the scientific method.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 21.11.2009 @ 16:16


The Thermodynamics of Politics.

Short excerpt here:

With a link to the main article.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 21.11.2009 @ 16:22


Ah yes. The wing nuts. That Palin girl is out of her mind and an isolated nut why Americans by 2 to 1 believe tax cuts are the answer.

So she may be nuts - who know? But she is marching at the head of the parade. Exactly what a politician should do.

So your analysis may be true. But it doesn't matter. It is irrelevant.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 21.11.2009 @ 16:28


Why would he need to be brain washed at a Mosque? Jihad is one of the seven pillars of Islam.

Out of a billion people there are some who are going to take it seriously. And some one heard him yell the jihadis death cry. Allah Ackbar. And then the firing starts.

Is is he unbalanced? Yep. Not part of a plot? High probability. Did his religion have some influence in his choice of suicide methods? Well duh.

And this isn't the first "Islam Is Not The Problem" shooting in the Army. Why don't Protestants go out in a blaze of glory as often? Or Catholics? Or Jews? Or Atheists?

What makes Islam different? Really tough question. Can I have a week or two to do some Google searches?

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 7.11.2009 @ 00:31


jackson1234 11:58 am,

Yeah. They always draw the wrong conclusions. Later if not sooner.

It is why we have elections. Politicians need to be continually re-educated.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 3.11.2009 @ 13:23

Poorly written. I think I got your meaning. You will correct me if I'm wrong. But you rambled. Nothing wrong with that in a blog post. But not what you intended.

1. Dede is a libertarian Republican (that may be false but there was a case to be made)

2. The Republican Party needs a core set of principles (small government, fiscal conservatism)

3. Outside that core set they should be more tolerant

4. The socons need to be more active in promoting the libertarian Republicans where only they can win.

BTW the socons do not see themselves clearly:

The American Taliban is rather apt. Not in terms of the culture they want to enforce but in the fact that they want to enforce culture.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 3.11.2009 @ 13:16


1) I don’t think America should be the world’s policeman. They (the rest of the world) doesn’t pay us enough to clean up their messes. Besides, the only way for a country to be free is for its citizens to demand freedom. You can’t force somebody to be free, if you think about it you will realize how obvious that is.

If we abdicate some one will take the job. Who do you propose?

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 4.11.2009 @ 00:57

Oh. Yeah. Water and sewage.

Is your water/sewage bill going up or down?

Now compare that with the telephone monopoly vs what we have now. Local land line calls used to be metered. Now they are covered by a blanket charge. Heck you can buy plans where not even long distance is metered. Or you can pay for long distance minutes what local minutes used to cost.

Why? Competition. Now I admit that at certain stages of technological development monopolies make sense. But that does not make them efficient.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 3.11.2009 @ 14:02

JerryS 3:05 am,

I was speaking to some of the gun control commenters. I should have been clearer.

busboy33 3:06 am,

There are Democrats who consider the Constitution an impediment to their plans. I think even our Dear Leader has alluded to that from time to time but I'm not going to look up a cite.


no abortion, no gay marriages, holy trinity

1. First you can not sell no abortion to enough people to make it stick. Second if you could sell it you can't enforce it. How is the Drug War going for you? In 1 to 3 years pot will be legal in California. In ten years after that the whole country. Switzerland, not noted as a liberal paradise has voted twice in favor of legal heroin. The second time by 60%. You are on fantasy island re: abortion. You want to do something about it? Quit wasting your time with government plans. Small government baby.

2. No gay marriages? What world are you living in. Some states have voted them in. It is just a matter of time (a decade or three) for the rest. You want to do something about it? Quit wasting your time with government plans. Small government baby.

3. The holy trinity. That is laughable. The attempt to force a certain brand of religion on Americans got us the public schools. The Marxists and Unions now control that socialist experiment. They are not called the Socialist School System for nothing. So how did that work out for you? Now you have to fight the system your ancestors created to privatize the schools. You want to do something about it? Quit wasting your time with government plans. Small government baby.

The #1 problem with socons is that they refuse to face up to their failures. Just like the socialists.

Well why not? Both are belief systems with only tenuous connections to reality.

Economic socialism doesn't work. Neither does moral socialism.


I may have more to say as I work my way down the list.

Comment Posted By M. Simon On 3.11.2009 @ 13:51

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