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I live in Texas. I just wish they would let us vote and decide the primaries. The media is making me feel as if my vote doesn't count. We have jobs. We haven't voted and we will do so on March 4th. I don't like that feeling of a voter being unimportant or meaningless. I don't like how the press is deciding the elections. I thought that I was still living in the USA.

Comment Posted By Lucy On 24.02.2008 @ 13:04


I'm new to your site and I only read about ABC's proposed airing of Path to 9/11. I had concluded that I didn't want to watch a fictionalized account that linked Saddam in Iraq to the 9/11 event in New York or the suggestion that Iraq had WMD, both of which were false.

Also, somewhere on this site I saw someone making reference to the US of A's "cultural domination" amongst other dominating characteristics. Do you ever wonder how this kind of hubris is received by the rest of the world?

Comment Posted By Lucy On 12.09.2006 @ 00:27



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