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Ann Coulter and Hatred

So, what's the problem with this? Isn't that what freedom of speech is all about? How on earth can there be anything wrong with her saying vile things, if free speech is as wonderful as we liberals say it is?

Comment Posted By LongHairedWeirdo On 5.03.2007 @ 00:23


But there is not one shred of evidence that they knew – and the fact that the parents of the other child wanted the matter dropped would seem to indicate most everyone thought that there was nothing dangerous there.

Part of me is thorougly disgusted by this comment by you. Nevertheless, I know that I know too goddamned much about sexual abuse, and some people don't know anything. So let me try to explain.

Imagine this: you're the parents of a 16 year old boy. A famous person has made terribly inappropriate overtures. No matter what happens, people are going to ask "how do we know it was all talk?" His friends (and his enemies) will wonder why this happened to him, and he'll face constant questioning of his sexual identity, at a time when most boys are having troubles understanding things themselves.

Foley won't confess; he'll fight back, to protect his career and his freedom. Your son will be called a liar, and his honesty, and even his sanity, will called into question.

Are you going to put your son through that?

Maybe you can say you would, no questions asked. If so, you're a fool, and I feel no guilt in saying so.

That the parents wanted it dropped says only that they felt that the costs of going forward were too high. They might feel that way whether something terrible happened, or whether something pretty minor happened. That they didn't want to go forward tells us nothing about how bad it might have been.

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