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You lost me at "astute voter."

Comment Posted By Long time Lurker On 22.02.2009 @ 17:38


Who is making the argument that Iraq bankrupted us? Is Obama saying that? I've never heard anyone seriously make that argument? The left trots it out, but again, the US spends more on education than defense.

I don't get "angry" from Rush. Rush doesn't hang up on callers or yell. He's pompous and sarcastic and a bit wry. But angry?

Are you thinking Mark Levin? Now he comes across angry.

Comment Posted By Long time Lurker On 22.02.2009 @ 17:35

For Liberals, anger=challenging Democrats on the issues; hate speech=challenging Democrats on the issues; lies=challenging Democrats on the issues.

"The Rovian strategy of using wedge issues to cleave the electorate over gay marriage, abortion"

Utter nonsense. Gay marriage fails wherever voted on, even in the most liberal areas. How is that a Rovian wedge issue? The only wedge re: Gay marriage in America are the voters who are routinely against it versus the trial lawyers and liberal lobbying groups that stand to make money from it.

"The gop spent almost a trillion dollars on the war in Iraq, didn’t hear anyone besides Democrats complain how it would bankrupt our country and not make us any safer."

Hey, Joe, anyone who makes the above argument is, um, you know, clueless. Even with the Iraq War, defense spending is approximately 5% of GDP. Education is more than 7%.

Oh, as for the Iraq War not making us safer. Really? You think Obama goes to bed at night wondering of Maliki is funding international terrorism? He's not.

The difference is, Joe, the Constitution (which is not living by the way) mandates the federal govt. to deal with foreign enemies. It doesn't mandate giveaways to special interest groups, which is exactly what the Stimulus Bill is.

Here's a clue, Joe: Raytheon is the new Halliburton! But you won't hear a peep about it from the people who are leading you around by the nose. Because you'll believe anything.

Joe, you want real anger: check out MSNBC and Air America.

Comment Posted By Long time Lurker On 22.02.2009 @ 12:42


Sara in VA:

I don't doubt your tale. But what really turns people away from conservatism is the daily barrage of lies and distortions that come from the media-- mostly TV and movies, which is where most 'youts' get their worldly info from.

Few, except for political junkies, read blogs and newspaper editorials and watch Meet the Press, etc. But sitcoms, movies, Daily Show type stuff. That's where conservatism gets drubbed.

"Young people want new ideas, new energy, a bit of a rebellious spirit"
That's the problem right there. Politics and government isn't day in/day out Boston Tea Party meets Rave in the Desert.

Comment Posted By Long time Lurker On 17.02.2009 @ 15:57

I can't believe I'm going to type this but: Politicians aren't the problem. We the People are.

I'm sorry, but most people I come into contact with are laughably ignorant about...well everything re: the history and governance of this country.

I know a living breathing human over the age of 30 who walked around all of 2008 with an Obama button on who admits that he never really heard of the Vietnam War. "Well, I've heard of it, I guess, but I have no idea who fought in it. Was it the US?"

You blame Bush for Compassionate Conservative? How the else can you get elected when I'd venture to guess that 25% of the US population thinks that government has its own money and has a Constitutional duty to give it to us?

I'd venture that most looked at The Messiah and thought: "He looks good on TV. Let's cast him in the part. Plus, Sarah Palin has cooties. I know because Tina Fey said so and why would TV lie?"

There are living breathing Americans walking around who survived the Great Depression and have said to me: Isn't Obama so fresh? Aren't his ideas so new?

We have the government that we have because unfortunately, this is what most people want.

>>The absence of conservatives like David Frum, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, and others who probably agree with 90% of conservative positions on the issues but have been driven from the movement for their apostasy—real or imagined—is as incomprehensible as it is depressing.<<

Other than helping to get Obama elected by consistently trashing Palin and drooling over The One ("Gosh, I hear Obama reads Neibuhr! Isn't he so dreamy? Does anyone have an extra pair of underwear?!"), Frum et. al. are real bedrock conservatives. Right? Right?

I say we suck out Brad and Angelina's brains, replace them with real conservative brains and run e'm in 2012. It's our only shot.

Comment Posted By Long time Lurker On 17.02.2009 @ 10:57


Aw you can't diss on the Huff Post too much Rightwing you read the Greg Gutfeld posts? That guy is funny. He mocks the pretention and the celebrities who post there ruthlessly. Huff Post is worth reading just to read him

Comment Posted By Long Time Lurker On 6.08.2005 @ 21:04



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