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Your salamander will probably share the same functionality that the Geckos in our tropical home used to have - It'll be

A cat toy AND a cat treat.

I would start scripting expressions of sadness and sympathy for Ms. Zsu Zsu so that you will have them ready on 3 x 5 cards when you need them.

"He was so cute" always works.
"Darn Cats - I was praying for him all the way" works OK.


"Well, I saw THAT coming from a 100 miles away"

Comment Posted By Lokki On 24.10.2007 @ 15:02


Democracy is not a pretty sight at the best of times, even in the most developed countries (assuming America meets that definition).

Democratic elections are a series of zig-zags along the path towards an ideal.

I think that it thus stands to reason that the first election that a country has little or no meaning. It is not until the fourth or fifth election that a clear direction starts to appear.

I would expect it to be, therefore, perhaps 20 years before the Iraqi government begins to sort itself out.

The fact that there are THREE factions in Iraq is a problem that may contain the roots of its own solution. None of the three has quite enough power to do without one of the other two.

This will, ultimately, force compromise.

Note that our own country required a civil war to achieve its final form.

Comment Posted By Lokki On 25.02.2006 @ 15:15



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