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So some smoke was digitally manipulated in an image of an attack on civilians supposedly to elicit a greater emotional response.

The question is why is the Left silent.

Could it be the same reason the Right was silent about this:
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Maybe that building in Beirut is just more important to the Right than the Left. Just like the attack on the WTCs were more important to the Left than the Right. Right?

I mean that looks like the same type of fuller-bodied upright smoke coming out of the WTC that we've been told implies the Jews did something terrible.

Maybe all those conspiracy theory whackjobs were Right all along. And don't bother helping al Qaeda by disagreeing with the importance of this amatuer interpretation of the implications of smoke being digitally enhanced in an image of a burning building.

Comment Posted By Lokivo On 9.08.2006 @ 06:26



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