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I think we've got a fundamental disconnect going on here. As Sister Toldjah often writes, just because you have the right to say something, does not make it a/the right thing to say. I support Chris Muir's right to draw any damn thing he wants. I support Rick Moran's right to question whether he SHOULD (as opposed to CAN) draw such a thing. And it's the right of anyone, conservative or liberal, politically correct or in-your-face, to rip a cartoonist a new one when s/he feels a serious boundary of good taste is being crossed. As I wrote earlier, I was a fan of Chris Muir; I thought the use of black face tasteless and was glad to see he was taking some heat for it; and, based on his comments (as cited by Rick), plan to read less of his work.

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I actually do like Chris Muir's cartoon quite a bit, but I agree with Rick Moran in this case. Because I agree that Hillary's chameleon-ghetto-language is shameful and disgraceful, I'd like to write off the cartoon as witty satire. But, unfortunately, I have too many liberal friends and family not to see the parallel. Just as we believe (rightly!) that Hillary's fo'real accent is pandering for votes, so too do my friends believe that Michael Steele's views are simply an affectation to pander for votes, as well as an insult to blacks all over America. I think they're dead wrong, but that's what political discourse is about -- and we're the side that dislikes double standards. Throw in the horrid history of the minstrel show, and I have to abandon my "this is spot-on political humor" in favor of condemning the blackface. I plan to continue reading Chris Muir, but I'm not sorry that he's catching some heat for this.

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