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Since Washington is not exactly a Bible belt state, I have some crazy notion that maybe Mr. Esser just might have been afraid that some "backwater Southern Baptist minister" would win the caucus in his State.

Comment Posted By LindainVirginia On 11.02.2008 @ 17:32


I believe that the first part of Rick's last paragraph is unfortunately more accurate than that the party is shifting. It is not really stupidity, but it is a lack of knowledge or any desire to get informed. I'm a news/political junky conservative Christian. Most of the people I talk to don't even want to discuss politics. One or two points and that's it. Then it is on to "Well, who is going to win the Super Bowl, American Idol?" or worse yet..."Did you know Macy's is having a big sale today?" I get so frustrated so I spend my time hanging out reading sites like this where people are informed and want to have some kind of intelligent discussion. But in the Republican party we ARE in the minority. Most Democrats I know don't know anything about issues either, but they are all excited about being the party that elects the "American Idol" candidate, i.e. Barak Obama.

Comment Posted By LindainVirginia On 5.02.2008 @ 16:19



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