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My predictions: Logan will live; the writers haven't decided what to do with Aaron yet; this is probably the end for Jack (in every interview Kiefer S. has done lately, he talks about not having time for anything but work, so he'll probably change hats from actor to full-time producer soon).

I can't believe that nobody has commented on Chloe's change from psycho woman to sweet girl before she tazered the guy the first time. Maybe she'll take Jack's place. Jack may be invincible, but could he do half of what he does without Chloe's help?

And Jack does eat. I can't remember whether it was this season or season 4, but while he was waiting in the interrogation room, he wolfed down a frozen meal--so fast he probably didn't taste it.

Comment Posted By Linda Allen On 4.05.2006 @ 09:00



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