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I don't know that I agree with the degree to which you believe that modern conservatives are out of touch. But I do agree that they are hostile toward ANY view that is less "conservative" than their own. And they have attempted to co-opt Reagan conservatism as their own. It is not.

Reagan's philosophy was based on his belief in smaller, less intrusive government (NOT absence of government), fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, strong military, adherence to the Constitution and liberty. He did not believe that government should tell citizens how they must conduct themselves in their daily lives, but he did admonish Americans to be good citizens and to teach their children about what it means to BE American.

That is the conservatism I believe in. It IS America -- positive, optimistic, strong, responsible and free from unwarranted intrusion by government (foreign or domestic) OR my fellow-citizens.

Comment Posted By Linda On 13.01.2010 @ 13:04


The final vote was 60-38, Kennedy was not available for the vote due to his illness, that is why they used the govt jet to get Brown back to cast his vote.

Just goes to show how far the libs will go to get their way. Nothing is sacred anymore, especially thier oaths of office.

Comment Posted By Linda On 18.02.2009 @ 14:21


I've seen the photos and video. I have a lot of empathy for what people are going through. However, I have no sympathy for people living in their own filth - expecting someone else to clean up after them. How can the refugees sit impassively on the curbs and sidewalks, apparently indifferent to the fact that there is garbage and waste all around them. Surely there are janitorial supplies to be found somewhere. Get some rubber gloves, and take the initiative to organize yourselves to muster up some human diginity.

The looting that is reported to be taking place is not where we should be focusing our attention. That is simply an expression of one of the baser sides of human nature. Everyone in America is being "looted" right now with the price of gas. It is more subtle, and does not involve broken glass or armed threat - but it is the exact same attitude of "let's get what we can while we can". And, you can expect it to show up in more avenues of our daily life than just gas prices. It will be in the con artists who promise to help refugees and in the myriad of scams intended to draw money from your pocket while making you think you are helping. And finally, it will come from our government - in the tax breaks you can bet that the administration will insist on passing through so that oil companies can avoid dipping into their profits in order to rebuild the economic infrastructure the region relies upon.

In short, the personal property looting is just a drop in the bucket compared to the legitimate gouging everyone in this country will face to one degree or another. Villians come in all shapes and sizes, and some wear three-piece suits.

Comment Posted By Linda On 3.09.2005 @ 13:13



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