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Hey Rick. I agree that it's really tacky for people to have emailed you gloating about losing your job, but I can't help but remember that PJ Media was basically founded on the premise that they could make the model work precisely because they got Dan Rather fired and there was much gloating over that for many years. Not to mention the gloating that went on over Beauchamp, whose wife lost her job. And the really bit players, like the hapless clerk at Walmart during the Merry Christmas vs Happy Holiday kerfluffle. Or the poor kid who lost his job at the CNN or where ever back when that mysterious X appeared on Cheney's face for three seconds. Seems to me there was much joyous gloating all over the conservasphere when the shoe is on the other foot.

And let's not forget the joy among the gun bloggers when they got Zumbo fired before he ever came home from his hunting trip.

I've never understood how that side of the fence could take such great joy, and even pride, in causing other's misfortunes and there's a whole lot more than just three of them. Just saying.

Where did any of that ever appear on PJ Media? Never. Anything that partisan we reject and never publish.

The issue is PJ Media - not idiot bloggers on the right. Even if some of them belonged to the network the whole point of PJM was that the bloggers could take the ads and still be independent.


Comment Posted By Libby Spencer On 31.01.2009 @ 12:03


Forget about Arlen Spector's help. He just caved and allowed the White House to avoid judicial review by FISA on the legality of the NSA program.

I'd also ask what difference does it make if the surveillance of ABC is being done by NSA or the FBI , using NSLs under the Patriot Act? It all part and parcel of these programs that are supposed to be used to, as you put it, protect us against terrorism. If our government considers journalists to be a terrorist threat then I'd say we're in deep trouble no matter which agency is involved.

You'll never see the big picture Rick, if you insist on examining just one piece of the puzzle and declare it to be meaningless.

Comment Posted By Libby Spencer On 16.05.2006 @ 16:38

FBI, CIA, NSA, it's all just one big happy family under the new intelligence patriarch, John "Iran-Contra" Negroponte. Considering his role in that affair, it's only prudent to view the current revelations about domestic surveillance with some alarm. Arkin just put up a list at the WaPo of 500 datamining programs currently in use by our government. I don't care who's in office, I don't want our government abridging our privacy in this manner. In the absence of convicted criminal conduct, I don't think commercial databasers should be allowed to collect it either. The complilation of a complete dossier of every single US resident strikes me as decidely un-American. What is freedom, if not the right to live one's life without constant surveillance?

And whether the ABC revelations are real cause for concern or not, it just goes to illustrate only one of the possible abuses this database lends itself to. If you wait until the day the government sends in their health police to round up all the diabetics who eat too much sugar and puts them in "health camps" for their own good, it will be too late.

Yes Rick, we don't KNOW for sure. But I have to ask, how are we supposed to find out if this administration or some future one is up to no good? Somehow I don't think they'll have an attack of conscience and confess.

Comment Posted By Libby Spencer On 16.05.2006 @ 11:13


Who the heck is Debbie Schlussel? And to whoever asked if one should assume that a person who has been held hostage for three months might be making a statement under coercion even though they couldn't see the guns, the answer is -- yes. Until said former prisoner is on US soil, one could assume they might fear to speak freely, as one might for any prisoner of war.

Comment Posted By Libby Spencer On 2.04.2006 @ 19:52

Astute observations and well said. Always a pleasure to find common sense and reasoned thinking on the "other side of the fence."

Comment Posted By Libby Spencer On 2.04.2006 @ 11:32



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