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Rick Moron very badly wants to call black people "negroes" and probably (very likely) that other word he's not quite got the courage to muster in public.

This post is Rick testing the waters Rick to see how tolerant his craptacular readership is. Will they cheer him on if he says the N word?

Like the left cheered Hamsher when she put Leiberman in blackface?


Comment Posted By Lesley On 28.12.2008 @ 17:34


Correction to my post:

Should read Harlow instead of Hadley. Sorry.

Comment Posted By Lesley On 30.05.2007 @ 18:53

"Robert Novak could not have published the allegation without Libby’s confirmation."

IIRC, Libby never spoke to Robert Novak about this matter. Novak's two confirming sources were Richard Armitage and Karl Rove (with the addition of Hadley at CIA).

Comment Posted By Lesley On 30.05.2007 @ 18:31


To ensure we're all on the same page (har), Moran opens with a bitchslap against the liberal "idiots" who accused him of defending Foley yesterday.

To refresh:

Yesterday he wrote:
While by any stretch the contact with the page was inappropriate, it hardly rises to the level of “perversion”.
Another perfectly logical explanation is that the emails were, in fact, innocent sounding attempts to inquire as to the youth’s well being and the parents were satisfied with the Congressman’s explanation. But why let common sense or common decency for that matter spoil a good smear campaign?

Today, Moran writes: "Foley is a perv. And I cannot believe that these raunchy IM’s published so far is the limit of his perversion. Not only am I sure that there are more victims out there but that I think it possible that he has had physical contact with pages of an inappropriate nature."

Night and Day? Nooooooo.

The reason you're an idiot is because you take what I wrote completely out of context to make an invalid point. Your inability to differentiate between the emails and the IM's makes you a troll, hence your banning.

Comment Posted By lesley On 2.10.2006 @ 16:05


Forgetting Foley and his predeliction for barely legal flesh, for the moment, DrMajorBob is a brick short of a load if he relegates child molestation and sexual assault to the bottom of the heap of issues.

Comment Posted By Lesley On 1.10.2006 @ 01:11

As for McCain having integrity, excuse me while I throw up. If anything, McCain's endorsement of this hideous bill has given wafflers an out.

Comment Posted By Lesley On 30.09.2006 @ 19:25

B.Poster, it's obvious supporting the torture bill makes you uncomfortable because in your pretty head you're imagining, that the torture Americans inflict on POWs won't really hurt them. That the most they'll feel is a pin-prick, like at the doc's office. You might want to revisit the photos from Abu Ghraib, and those were taken before Bush had the opportunity to legalize pain and humiliation. If you think they haven't been, aren't, and won't be hurting people - who haven't been charged, who can't get fair public trials or lawyers, who may not even be guilty (see the Arar file - he spent a year in a coffin size cell being tortured gratis for the USA) you're delusional.

You really want to feel good about this decision, but you never will and, when it all comes to shit, when we start to hear of atrocities, when the bodies start surfacing, don't even think of saying "I was lied to by my president...I voted for harmless torture." Live with it.

Comment Posted By Lesley On 30.09.2006 @ 19:07

Keep insulting Moron. I'm enjoying watching his bile-filled invective in the comments thread. The man's almost as rabid as he is stupid.

Comment Posted By Lesley On 30.09.2006 @ 19:00

Noelie Said:
4:58 pm
...the driveling snivelling democrats on this know. the party of Bill Clinton and his rather numerous sexual escapades that included INTERNS, or unwilling partners. How about that Swim the river Ted Kennedy?

Noelie puts interns in caps to emphasise her belief they are underage, asexual and incapable of consenting. Monica VOLUNTEERED for sex with Bill Clinton. It was WILLING and CONSENSUAL. He was prosecuted for lying about having sex with her, not for having sex.

Noelie, another dumbass who believes torturing people is good and consensual sex is bad. Snivelling and drivelling is her specialty.

Comment Posted By Lesley On 30.09.2006 @ 17:46

Susan Said:
4:03 pm
All Republicans cannot be held accountable for the actions of one man.

Wrong sister. Choosing to support a psychopath in the Oval is the responsibility of all Republicans, you included. You're about as fine and upstanding as the Catholic Cardinals and Bishops who knowingly permitted pedophile priests to continue abusing children. Own it.

Comment Posted By Lesley On 30.09.2006 @ 16:51


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