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Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to the Republican party and can't imagine how you get it back. The Democrats are closer to old style Goldwater or Eisenhower Republicans. The republican party now is certainly not a small government or fiscally conservative party-look at the deficits accumulated D vs R. This evangelical "christian"-not like any Christians I know- takeover of the republican party-really, it's driven by these nuts who certainly don't represent the majority. It's gone on so long(Jerry Falwell-the 70's and 80s) and just gets worse-scare 'em and make 'em behave.

From here, one of three things happen.

Moderate republicans speak up loudly and you get rid of the right wing fringe takeover(don't see that happening, anyone who complains is obviously a damn liberal blah, blah, blah)

The crazy stuff works and we have all the crazies running the US. Everyone is scared and not happy and there are a few large corporations running everything.

The democrats in power for the the forseeable future-I'm a liberal but also a capitalist and the competition of a smart republican party would be good for everyone.

And where were the republicans with the Bush deficits and the patriot act and the financial modernization act? They were once capitalists, they stayed out of people's private bedrooms. They were fiscally conservative. They are gone. You may the last one standing.

Comment Posted By Laura On 1.10.2009 @ 12:20



Thanks for a great article. I too was outraged that our great nation had stooped beneath the level of dignity and sound ethics to employ torture. A land of freedom, liberty, and justice for all became a land of evil at that level. It was EVIL!!

There is NO EXCUSE FOR IT!! If any of those who would like to protest that "all's fair in war"... it was not war. It was prisoners of war... not active combat in a "fight" against an opponent. It was abuse of power. It was torture.

If you would like to read our Constitution, our Constitution states that we are granted INALIENABLE RIGHTS BY OUR CREATOR. We are not granted those rights by the USA. We are not granted those rights by an administration. We are not granted those rights by a military tribunal. We are not granted those rights by a Supreme Court. We are not granted those rights by US citizenship. No! We are granted certain INALIENABLE RIGHTS by our Creator.

Those who would argue for torture, I say, "Shame on you!!". You show no respect for GOD when you show no respect for your fellow man. The Bible states, "How can you say you love God who you have not seen when you do not love man who you have seen - made in His image." So, would ANY OF YOU who CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIAN agree to torture the Lord Jesus Christ?? Well, that's what you are doing when you torture men made in His image. They are under your power and you show no restraint and no respect for God and their human rights given to them by God. That is becoming an evil empire.

Well, Rick, I'm not certain what to do about it now. It must be stopped. I believe it has been stopped. I don't know whether it would be proper to go back and prosecute now. Honestly, it would require prosecution of the former POTUS, George W. Bush. If he is not going to be prosecuted, let none in his administration be prosecuted.

I cannot see prosecuting George W. Bush because what's done is done. But it comes down to that. The ERROR was in not impeaching him for the sake of torture. That was sound reason to impeach a standing President. I voted for him. I voted for McCain also. But if he had been impeached on the basis of legitimating torture in his administration, I would have accepted that - and would have allowed prosecution of all in his administration who engaged in this.

To me, it's too late. It sullied America - and it produced the winning election of Barack Hussein Obama. That is the punishment to the unthinking persons from the right who agreed with torture. McCain could just as well be a Democrat in his platform. Had he run on the Democratic ticket, I would have voted for him in my protest against torture. That's how powerfully most Americans were against torture.

It's cost Republicans their hold on the White House. That punishment has been rendered. I'm not certain what more can be done at this point without being hypocritical if GWB himself were not prosecuted - and I think that completely inappropriate, myself. His job is done. We do need our reputation restored. McCain stood against torture. That's why he had my support in the primaries.

The failure to stand against torture cost the Republicans a lot in 2008. I hope they learn from it.

God bless.

Comment Posted By laura On 20.12.2008 @ 15:15


Good points, Rick. I agree with you. I think the laws have already been put in place to grant unfair leverage and benefits to certain groups. That's not free enterprise. Free enterprise would allow an "up and comer" - a "Joe the Plumber" to step in and take market share with hard work and without someone having an advantage over him through bureaucracies, legalities, technicalities, and others gaining tax-favored status, etc., etc., etc.

We need a very small government without INFLUENCE to peddle.

And anti-monopoly statutes are not interference in free trade. If monopolies are used to stifle free competition, laws are needed to protect free competition.

I'm sick of all the favoritism. Now, to get rich quick, just go through the government. They're pooling all the money and the government, not the markets, decide who will be rich. I don't believe Obama is for the middle class. He's just playing the middle class to give the wealth to his fat cat friends like Blago does. It's how government really works.

Great blog.

Comment Posted By laura On 20.12.2008 @ 15:28


Not to worry - the media won't hold Pastor Holiday Inn Express for his little Corleone gaffe. Fox News might give it a few minutes of air time, but the public at large will remain blissfully ignorant, just like Huck.

Comment Posted By Laura On 15.12.2007 @ 17:53


That should be "some liberals' heads to explode" unless you mean that there was one liberal who had several heads.

I know, I know...but I used to teach English, so I can't help myself.

Comment Posted By laura On 24.02.2007 @ 19:39


Brown said on Friday morning (I think, the timeline blurs) that the convention center refugees had received 2 meals a day, so I was hoping you could confirm that.

It is entirely possible he didn't know about the convention center on Thursday evening but that the rescue group on the ground did and that by Friday he'd heard from them and they had supplies.

A little clarification would be nice, as this is one of the big problems the liberals are pointing at. Finding the data to finally shut them up would be great.

Comment Posted By Laura On 5.09.2005 @ 12:57

Could you find no information on the conditions at the convention center? I notice you talk about the superdome, but never mention the convention center... I'm assuming this is because there were no mentions of it in the written press. Were the only interviews on TV? I know I saw one on Fox Thursday night on Hannity and Colmes.

Comment Posted By Laura On 5.09.2005 @ 12:17



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