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From apologists for torture to apologists for treason.

My the right has so much to be proud of these days!

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 11.07.2005 @ 14:22


Mr. Bits would seem to have gone adrift in his ability to reason. He seems particularly confused by many of the complaints about the ineptitude of Bush's so-called "War On Terrorism."

Being critical of George W. Bush does not mean one is opposed to an effective fight against terrorism. If anything, being critical of Mr. Bush is a call for competence and vision in this important struggle, something this woebegone excuse for a president has been proven to lack time and again.

For many on the fringe right the concern appears to be more about the reputation of this ineffectual president than it does waging an effective and meaningful war on terrorism. Their odd devotion to this undeserving individual is almost cultish in its intensity.

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 8.07.2005 @ 10:05


Laughable. And the Pavlovian reaction of the frantic right to explain away the failure of our vaunted leadership to protect our civilization from terrorism is not equally predictable?

Face it, you're little more than one voice amongst the thousands of reactionary apologists for this adminstration's failed so-called "War On Terrorism."

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 7.07.2005 @ 12:25


"If this is failure, I'd hate to see your definition of success."

40 dead and 300 wounded by Al Qaeda on the streets of London. How can you make such a statement in the face of this disaster? Has your idiosyncratic need to spin away this grim failure blinded you to the reality of this horrifying event?

This administration's so-called "War On Terrorism" is not only a failure, but also an historic example of the consequences a great civilization can suffer when it is led by individuals who are clearly incapable of performing their duties.

It is time we took the important first step of recognizing that our present leadership is not only not up to the task, but has initiated policies that have only exacerbated the problems we all face. Only then can we begin to bring about the changes necessary to beat back terrorism.

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 7.07.2005 @ 12:03

And you are an apologist for failure.

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 7.07.2005 @ 11:31

Nearly 4 years after 9-11 Osama bin Laden and his terrorist organization Al Qaeda are still killing with impunity.

Our leadership has failed us miserably.

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 7.07.2005 @ 11:26


I look forward to news of your enlistment in the war to liberate the many horribly governed nations of Africa. And I am certain there is someone right down the street from where you now sit willing to help make possible the many great sacrifices you so obviously need to make.

I'm hardly one to believe that you are a person content to merely "snap his fingers" at these tragic problems.

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 5.07.2005 @ 19:10

Interesting exercise in compassionate conservatism. Let the Africans starve because it is their own damned fault.

So whose fault is the moral and ethical leprosy of the American radical right?

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 5.07.2005 @ 18:57


Earth to Superhawk: Nobody cares. Next to Bush lying this country into the current military quagmire in Iraq, your Durbin obsession isn't a fart in a hurricane.

A couple trackbacks from some equally pathetic rightwing blogs and you've already convinced yourself you're riding to stardom on this horseshit?

Talk about a wasted life...

Comment Posted By Larry Brown On 21.06.2005 @ 20:00



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