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As a black man who lived through the Jim Crow era, and served in the armed forces in the 60's and 70's, I have observed the gradual sellout of the black community to the shallow promises of the democratic party. It seems to me that Katrina brings to light the result of those promises. Granted, most blacks are hard working and productive citizens, who love their country; but many of these people have been misled by so-called "black leaders"(ie, Jesse Jackson, A. Sharpton), who's main (but not only) agenda, is for personal gain. The predominate municipal authorities in New Orleans are black and therefore; responsibility for proper initial preparation, warning, and evacuation belongs to them; beginning with Mayor Nagin. As an elected official and resident of New Orleans he should know not just what his resources are but the status of his people and their capabilities. The fact that so many New Orleaneans are poor or homeless was KNOWN more to him than to President Bush. The fact of race is irrelevant. As Mayor he could have commandeered public buses, school buses,and city vehicles to assist in an evacuation. If done early enough(1-3 days),more than one trip per vehicle could have been achieved. I speak from experience, as a commander in the military I made a decision to remove my men from harms way even though my superiors were against it. Nothing happened and I was reprimanded for my actions, but as a leader I made timely decision and accepted the consequences. By the way 90 percent of my troops were white. Finally, let me say that President Bush has his faults but, the constitution guarantees(10th amendment) that each state(in this case Louisiana)is sovereign, (within limits), and therefore the Mayor of N.O. and Governor of Louisiana must act first with their resources in a state crisis

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