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"I think the argument here is not whether or not ID is wrong, but whether it should be taught in school. Somewhat spiritual myself, I tend to side with ID. However, I do not believe it should be taught in school. Science is about what we know for sure. ID is about faith. It is dangerous to teach religion in school, whether that religion is the quasi religion of environmentalism or the concept of ID."

To me, statements like this show basic ignorance of the nature of the controversy, and suggest that someone has bought into the popular mischaracterization of what ID is and is about. Anyone who thinks "science is what we know for sure" has a notion of science that is foreign to scientists. That's absurd. And ID is NOT necessarily or primarily about faith. It is primarily a discussion of the scientific evidence for and against the premise of random or undirected changes in life forms. It's been a subject of genuine scientific discussion, inquiry and debate for decades in the biology departments of major universities, and the subject of books and journal articles by some very distinguished scientists. There are agnostic and atheist biologists who have no difficulty whatsoever in recognizing that the currently dominant theories have more holes than substance, and could be completely wrong. It's a source of constant amazement and amusement to me that people believe otherwise.

Comment Posted By Kyle Thompson On 9.11.2005 @ 16:18



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