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The WaPo article in question is long on lurid details and extremely short on actual facts. That does not mean some or all allegations are false, just unproven.

Our military has a very good system for investigating and prosecuting wrongdoers. The Abu Ghraib scandal details came from military investigatory documents as has the evidence for the WaPo article. Our military has been investigating these allegations and so, in effect, the media is damning them based on the military's effort to do the right thing.

Even though you may think the media glare makes justice more likely, I beg to differ. If you think some international representation would help, I would love to see evidence of any military anywhere doing what ours is doing by investigating and prosecuting wrongdoers. I think a little perspective is in order here.

Comment Posted By Kurt Brouwer On 4.08.2005 @ 18:54



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